Monday, May 30, 2011

A Special Memorial Day Version of Motivation Monday

When we were growing up, my younger sister and I have a large enough age difference between us, that when I was in Junior High I was old enough to babysit my eight year old sisters friends.  One of them, was Riky.  I used to love babysitting Riky because A. Her parents paid *really* well.  B.  Her parents were young (actually doing the math I'm quite sure they were about the age I am now)  and hip  and  her Dad, Mark would always let me listen to "my" radio station when he would pick me up and drop me off (the whole like four minute drive from their house to mine- but when you're thirteen that is just THE coolest)

Riky's Dad died of cancer earlier this year.  And, she recently did Relay For Life in honor of her dad, so they could raise money to Kick Cancer's Ass.

In Riky's own words,  here is her experience with Relay for Life

Riky Pictured on Far Left 

I'm lazy when it comes to working out. It's just my nature, can't help it. In high school I could eat whatever I wanted and be a twig. 10 years later I'm 30 pounds heavier, and yet somehow it doesn't kick in that I actually need to work for that I let it go. I have random spurts of motivation. A month on Weight Watchers, seven days of 90 minute workouts on the elliptical machine. Then once I get distracted it's a lost cause. 
I read the health magazines, I like knowing that my food has the words "Low Fat," but in my mind, that just means I can eat more of it, right? I'm the girl that watches The Biggest Loser and feels better watching other people work out. 
I think to get the motivation you need to make changes, the source has to hit you close to home. That's what happened when my dad called and said he had stage 4 lung cancer.
While my dad smoked a pack of day for forty years, he actually tried to stay healthy in other ways. He loved his daily walks. While he was sick, that was the one thing he missed. He just wanted to go for a walk. It inspired me. If he couldn't walk, I would. 
My boyfriend and I moved to Seattle 4 months before my dad was diagnosed in Chicago. Since I couldn't be with him everyday I wanted to do everything I could from where I was. I found a Relay For Life event in Seattle and from the minute I signed up, I was on a mission. For those who don't know, Relay For Life is an overnight walk put on by The American Cancer Society to eliminate cancer. 
When I started to train I started small. I would jog for 5 minutes, then walk for 30, five days in a row The next week I would run a mile, then walk 2 miles more. Anything I could do to build endurance. I heard the stair machine was the best for cardio, so I'd make myself step for 45 minutes straight. I would walk around my house moaning from being so sore. My body wasn't used to  this. But after awhile the pain started to feel good and no matter what I did, it wasn't enough to quit or slowdown. All the old excuses didn't matter anymore. There was no more getting bored with working out because this wasn't about me. 
Finished!  Riky Pictured in Green
My dad passed away two months ago. My relay was two days ago. I walked 13 hours and 26.25 miles in the footsteps of someone who wanted nothing more than to do just that. I have felt real pain, emotional and physical, and I now have enough motivation to last a lifetime. I want to work hard and stay healthy so no matter where he is, my dad is proud. I will walk in Relay For Life for years to come, and each year, I will walk harder and be stronger for my dad. It takes one moment to change your life, and that's all the motivation I need.

Riky's dad dying I think has affected me more than any other friend or acquaintances parent passing.  He was young-  younger than both of my parents, and Riky's blog chronicled the stages of letting go. It demonstrated in such a bittersweet way, that our parents, no matter how invincible we believe them to be, are also people with hopes and dreams, with successes and short comings, having the same anxieties and fears that we all do.  

So, on this Memorial Day, lets remember Mark and all the parents who have gone sooner than they should due to a bully called Cancer.  Riky's Relay For Life team is still accepting donations to Kick Some Cancer Ass.  If you feel moved to do so, you can follow the link below to donate to Relay For Life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fixing An Oversight

A few weeks back,  I did a post about all of the people who helped me complete my Triathlon.  I had posted a picture, showing all of the awesome people that came and cheered me along and spoke about how each one had helped me.

In that post, and the frenetic excitement of trying to fit everyone in, I overlooked one very important friend. So, in pennance for the guilt I feel for totally overlooking her (and it was an accident, I would never intentionally leave her out)... here is my slobbering love affair post dedicated to my friend:


Megan and I work together and have for five years, and over that time she has become like a little sister to me  ( I can't say the sister I never had because I have two sisters lol -  but she would be my Little Sister Part Two) .

The day after I saw Meredith compete in her triathlon, I went to work all jazzed up and I told Megan "I'm going to do a Triathlon"  ---  well actually it was more like "Holy Crap You should have seen Meredith, she freaking ROCKED.  I'm SO doing that next year"  but you get the point.

Megan said "You're gonna rock too"  no hesitation. No laughing, chortling, or anything else that would otherwise discourage this crazy notion that I had set about in my head.  Nope. She looked me straight in the face and from that day forward was my therapist, my cheerleader, my ear (and lord knows she listened to about a million neuroses over the next year )  like : being afraid of having to walk the bike route, to hurting my knees, the weather, my bathing suit, my  goggles, my shoes, and anything and everything else I could panic about-  she heard it.  And every time I had something I was afraid of, she would calmly listen to what I was saying, and then talk me down off whatever ledge I was standing at (in the metaphoric sense of course).  
When I started my blog-  she was the only one I told (for a while).  She was my sole follower.  And she would always comment, email, or in general give me a rah rah.  So really,  she has been my cheerleader from day ONE. 

 Before I told anyone else, I told her.  
Before anyone else knew I had a blog-  even before I went "soft public" (as in telling the first 11 people who read my blog in the begining)  she was reading it-  daily.

She designed my very first "See Millie Tri" logo  (which sadly I lost when my computer crashed :( )
And of course, she was there on the day of the race cheering me on :-D

So-  to Megan - The forgotten (albeit unintentionally) :

Thank you for being a friend (suddenly the Golden Girls Theme Song is in my head)
Thank for you being an ear
Thank you for talking me down off a million ledges
Thank you for your unwavering support and belief I was capable of something
I occasionally thought I couldn't do
Thank you still for being you :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Fabulous Bloggers

Thanks to Trop50 for sponsoring my writing about fabulous bloggers. This year Trop50 is granting 50 Fabulous Wishes. Click here to enter for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous!

My life is always moving at a frenetic pace.  One of the things I like to do to unwind, or provide myself with some down time after training or while in the middle of writing papers or doing research for classes, is to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers.  There are so many that I follow, that narrowing down the field is difficult-  however I do have my tried and true “must read” list

Logo from
The first lady that I regulary visit is my friend Emily over at Skinny Emmie .  Our friendship is actually quite a funny story.  One day, I was googling something for a post of my own, when a post of Emmie’s came up.  I clicked on her webpage, and as I read I thought “oh my goodness, we are so similar”…and “God, her website rocks!”  So, I emailed her, and asked her how she got such a rocking website (and made mention of some of our similarities)  and boom!  Newfound friends.  But in all honesty, if you haven’t checked her out, you really should.  She is an inspiration.  Having already lost over a hundred pounds and moving steadily along,  her most recent achievenent was training and competing in a ½ marathon and raising money for Parkiinsons research.  You guys know that I heart Emmie, as I say it all the time. But really, if you aren’t following her already, why the heck not?
My second must read is my friend Brad Gansberg at Brad Gansberg & 7 Day Chip .  I stumbled upon him one day when another of my fave follows on Twitter referenced something called a #7daychip.  Of course I had to ask what the heck a hash tagged 7day chip meant.  She explained that Brad facilitates an online support group for people who are either part of Over Eaters Anonymus, are Binge Eaters or have other food related issues.  A seven day chip is granted when you have made it to seven days where food has not controlled you.  Much like in AA or NA they receive chips for staying sober, we receive chips for staying on point and not allowing food to control our lives.  His blog covers many topics, but everything he says is worth reading and reflecting. 

My friend Natasha at The Healthy Hedonista  is also another must read.  She used to be the Unlikely Triathlete, but has decided instead of focus more on a healthy lifestyle and not so much on checking in with her weightloss successes and missteps.  I loved her when she was the Unlikely Triathlete, because I understood her struggles.  Having competed in two triathletes of my own and not losing more than a few pounds doing it, I could completely empathize with her frustrations.  Her new website though, with her new focus is just as awesome!  She is funny, smart, witty and just a fun read.

My final two favorite MUST READ bloggers have to do with Vegetarianism, Food, and Cooking.
The first, is so Fabulous- she included it in her name! 
Angelika over at Plant Food Fabulous  shows everyone that being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you need to skimp on taste (or decadence).  If you are doing weight watchers- or really, watching your waistline at all-  the posts really should be more about seeing and not so much doing or eating, because the caloric content of her tasty creations sometimes can reach epic porportions – as it is all food that is incredibly rich and tasty. (In her defense though, she does have some great lighter fare too- but those are usually the posts that I say “oh that’s nice… now, where’s that six layer German Chocolate Cake recipe”  J  If you’re a vegetarian, or perhaps a non-vegetarian looking for some new kitchen inspiration check her out.  You won’t be sorry.

And last but not least:  

Tri Marni
Vegetarian or Vegan Uber-Athletes are not particularly common.  In fact, I can count on my hand, the really well known Vegetarian and Vegan distance racers.  Sad, isn’t it.  Anyhow,  Marni over at TriMarni is a FOUR TIME Ironman  an amazingly wise, and creative vegetarian.  She posts some of the most interesting and healthy vegetarian recipes – both for when you are training and also when you are just bored with what you are eating.  Plus, who wouldn’t love to vicariously live through a 4x Ironman?  Reading about the things she does and experiences every day is just mind boggling to me.  If I ever make it to the Ironman stage- it will because of all of the inspriration Marni has provided me from the very first day I announced I was going to attempt a Tri.

So, those are my  Fabulous Five.  Who are your favorite bloggers?  I would love to hear about your “lists”  as I’m always looking for new people to follow!  Let me know in the comments section who you love and why!  And…

Don't forget to enter the 50 Fabulous Wishes contest for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous. I was selected for this Tropicana Trop50 sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. I received compensation to use and facilitate my post. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brutus the Brutal


I've been whining on and off to my husband since coming home from training with the Brute yesterday.  My husband, clearly not getting that I want *sympathy*  simply looks at me and says "good, you are getting what you paid for then".  That isn't the point though.  Yes, Brutus rocks.  We've already established that he is the worlds best trainer.  But Dude-  I HURT.

Since my bum knee is still in the end stages of it's temper tantrum, we are still working on arms and core.  And when I say arms and core, I mean less arms, more core. just to give you an idea about the pain I am in today.. I actually contemplate whether or not I want to sneeze because I know that it's gonna make me groan.

The Brute worked me good- fo rizzle.

So-  Congrats to KELTY  our 10k Hit Contest Winner.  :)  Random Dot Org chose position numero 3 as it's designated winner, and of course that was Kelty's post telling me she sent me some twitter love!

YAY for winning!

I had so much more to say, but lovely disorganized moi, who thought I had until AFTER Memorial Day for classes to begin again, was sorely mistaken.  My Classes start THE WEEK of Memorial Day-  with my first assignments due- you guessed it- TOMORROW.

I know you know what Ive been doing all day today!

I have gazillions of posts here waiting to get polished and post worthy- but fear not- they will be coming; albeit in a slower manner than planned!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TEN THOUSAND HITS!.... And a Contest! :)

If you also follow me on Facebook and Twitter you are probably sick of me saying this already-  but I am just so dang excited!  My little blog,  the little blog that could... has finally reached


I honestly can not believe it!  When I started this blog back in August of 2009, I never started it with the intention of really being "public" or getting any kind of notoriety from it.  So I never really promoted it, or really told anyone except for a close circle of friends that I even *had* the blog.  

But after finishing my first Tri last year, the blog sort of organically grew and I am so grateful for every single person who has ever read it, offered me support, sent me emails, tweets, Facebook posts and blog comments.  I honestly could not have ever crossed the Triathlon finish line without all your support.  
I know without all of it, I would not be inspired daily to work hard to better myself each and every day.
So a Great Big Gigundo THANK YOU!!!! 
For taking See Millie Tri into the TEN THOUSANDS and Beyond!

So-  what would a party be without some party favors?  
Or well, really a party favor for one lucky person.  

Here are the contest deets:


This will be the easiest contest you have ever entered!    

What do you win?

$25.00 AMAZON.COM Gift Card 

How Do You Win?  

 Post a comment below about what you have become inspired to do. It could be taking the dogs for a nightly walk, giving up pop, or maybe trying a new fitness class.

The contest ends when SeeMillieTri crests 10,500 hits.    For the sake of making things easier-  I will close it Friday May 20th at 11:59pm if  SeeMillieTri has not received an extra 500 hits by then.  

If SeeMillieTri makes it OVER 500 hits by Friday night, 
I will up the ante to a $30.00 gift card.  

To make this contest completely fair and unbiased, I will be using to randomly select the person from the comments section below.


1.  You received 1 extra entry for "Liking" SeeMillieTri  on Facebook.-  Leave a second comment below that you have "Liked" me on Facebook.  
(if you already like me that's great!  leave an additional comment below!)

2. Follow me on Twitter and then  Tweet the following:

@SeeMillieTri has inspired me to [insert your comment] #SMT10K

Leave an additional comment below to let me know you sent me some Twitter love.

I will announce the winner of the $25.00 Gift Card on Saturday Morning!

Good Luck Everyone.  And Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my little blog that could, crest the ten thousand mark!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jelly Belly

Oh. Em. Gee.  Brutus worked me to the CORE today.  And seriously, whilst working ON my core, he worked me TO my core.  Yowzers.  Mama's gonna be a world of hurt in the morning, I can feel it.

I hurt my knee.  It's been giving me problems for sometime-  but somehow over the course of this past week, my knee has decided to act like a two year old that didn't get what it wanted- and throw a temper tantrum.  So, because my knee complains every time I suggest it do something slightly harder than moderate- I have to dial back the intensity of my lower body workouts until it decides to come out from time-out.

So, instead today, Brutus decided we would work my core-  oh yeah and some arm stuff too-  but really my core got the brunt of the punishment.  For most of the workout-  we did repeated circuits-  five of them. Yes.  Five.  Though really I shouldn't complain since last time I worked out with him, he made me do six, and I was soaked in sweat by the time I was done.  So, technically with five, I got off easy-well sort of-  but don't tell him that.  Most of the things we did we regular old trainer stuff, so I won't bore you with the gritty details.  But two exercises that were new to the Millie/Brutus routine tonight:  Around The Worlds (that's what I call them anyway-  I'm sure Brutus has some trainer-techy term for them-  but for me, Around the Worlds works)  They look like this -  okay never mind- Ive spent the last twenty minutes trying to find a picture to no avail... so it's imagination time peeps.

You take a weight (mine today was a 12 pound medicine ball-  Brutus' Significant other uses a round weight that would typically go on the end of the Bench Press Bar.)-  so Brutus had me take the weight and starting on one side, rotate it about my head from side to side in a circular motion.  It works your arms, but you really need to be tucked in (abs wise) to keep the motion going.

Oh yeah, and I forgot I got to play with a Kettlebell too....  that worked the abs as well.

After we finish with our five circuits  I'm thinking "hot dog, I'm done early"  but of course not...  Brutus decides to take one of those big Swiss balls with the sand in them- which I usually SIT on- and play catch with it.  And not just any kind of catch oh no, the twisting throw cross ways and then good luck trying to catch the one Brutus throws back-  kind of catch.  Holy moly- I think we probably tossed it maybe 20 times... and seriously after the 20th one  I was WIPED OUT.

Now,  three hours later, my stomach feels like jelly and I seriously think I am going to be hurting in the morning.

BUT-  you know I love it  :)

A Word From Brutus Regarding Modifications- Legs

Hey "Show Me Your Guns" Participants!  I have a new post from Brutus regarding Lower Body Modifications:

Hey Everyone,
Today we're going to cover lower body exercises and their modifications.
First we have the Squat: Squat 
Dumbbell Rear Lunge: Dumbbell rear lunge
 Good Morning: Good morning 
Leg Extensions:Leg Extensions 
Leg Curls:Leg curls 
Seated Leg Curls:Seated leg curls 
Stiff Leg Deadlift:Stiff leg deadlift 
Hack Squat:Hack Squat 
Leg Press:Leg press 
Glute Bridge:Glute Bridge 
Standing Calf Raise:Standing calf raise 
Machine Seated Calf Raise:Machine seated calf raise 
or Barbell Seated Calf Raise:Barbell seated calf raise
 Modified Stiff Leg Deadlift with Dumbbells:Modified Stiff leg deadlift with dummbells 
Back Extensions:back extensions

The Dumbbell Rear Lunge, Leg Curls, Stiff Leg Deadlift and Glute Bridge are all great exercises to develop the Hamstrings and Glutes. The Squat is great for the entire leg while the Leg Press and Leg Extension primarily work the Quads. Some of these exercises might prove to be too difficult or cause some discomfort, for these exercises I have provided some modifications or alternative exercises. For the Good Morning, a great alternative would be the Back Extensions. For the Stiff Leg Deadlift we have the Modified Stiff Leg Deadlift. For the Hack Squat you can either use the Hack Squat machine, lower the weight of the exercise or do the Leg Press. Hope this helps everyone

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Importance of Fuel and Hydration

Image from Dales Road to Kona
I received a phone call from Papa Millie  this morning (that would be my dad)...  and he tells me "so, did I tell you that I did 25 miles on my bike yesterday?"  He proceeds to tell me that his goal is a hundred miles a week, so he's been trying to reach longer and longer workouts. Now for those of you who aren't in Chicago, you probably don't know that yesterday's temperatures made it well into the upper 90s yesterday with insane amounts of humidty. Why do I tell you this?  Read on...

So, Papa Millie says  "yeah, so I was fourteen miles in and I was so dizzy I was afraid I was going to pass out mid ride.  I actually decided to turn around and actually considered calling a friend of mine to come and pick me up".  My first question "what did you eat before you rode?"  His response "Nothing....  I mean I had breakfast in the morning,  but I didn't eat anything before I went out.  I was more concerned with getting my ride in before the Thunderstorms came in"  OyVey.  Then, he goes further to inform me that he ran out of water somewhere around mile eight and he was going to stop at the McDonald's but decided he could make it home.  Double oyvey.

When training, planning a long workout, or just taxing your body in general -  you ALWAYS need a fuel source.  Remember what happened to me when I worked out with Brutus a few weeks ago?  I got weak and almost passed out...why?  Because my body was on EMPTY.    Before I go into suggestions for long bike rides, lets touch on the basics.

Before a long workout you must eat something.  Even if its a protein shake with some peanut butter in it,  a peanut butter and banana sandwich (my personal favorite)  some eggs, tuna etc.  Whatever the choice, you need a protein with a carb.

Now in addition to eating before you leave-  never leave home without at least 2 bottles of water (even if you don't end up needing both, its always good to be prepared)  some form of electrolyte replacement (especially on a hot day, coupled with a physically taxing ride).  These can come in the form of GU (which is kind of gross)  Electrolyte powders which you can add into water (or if you're really in a pinch you can grab a Gatorade at the gas station)  or  my favorite  Clif Shot Blocks Energy Chews  

Now depending on how long your bike ride Active.Com  suggests 16 to 32 oounces of fluid per hour  and 30 - 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour (thats 1 to 2 shot blocks)  and when its hot-  be sure you are keeping HYRATED!  Remember by the time you are thirsty you are already in the process of dehydration!

And some people (Papa Millie)  shouldn't be riding their bikes when the sun is at it's highest, on the hottest day in Chicago so far.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gonna Make You Sweat

Illustration from 10 Dans
This morning, I headed off to the pool for my normal morning routine.  Ive been realizing lately that my form, stamina and buoyancy are changing drastically.  I got out of the pool this morning, got ready for work, drove to work, and was probably a good half hour into my day before I finally stopped sweating.  Which, is surprising, because I didn't feel like I really beat myself up with my workout all that badly.  It was just an average workout or so I thought, but apparently considering the amount of sweating that I did, I worked out harder than I thought I did.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  A few weeks ago Brutus said to me, "When you're done with school-  we should add a mid-week workout to our routine so that I'm working with you twice a week."

Me:  Whimper. "Umm...yeah....a  second workout huh?....  Boy I'm gonna have to think about that one"  meanwhile I'm thinking in my head-  yeah like I'm about to get tortured twice in one week....  but alas, apparently I am a sadist, because I found myself at mid-week butt kicking numero uno this afternoon.

I forgot to bring my Fitblogger Weight Training Program with me to my workout with Brutus...  so, he decided instead to invent his own.  Yeah--- ...  I thought that the Fitblogger "B" workout was hard... the BRUTUS workout is a million times harder.  I mean, don't get me wrong I feel great, but seriously, I have never sweat that much in my entire life, I'm quite certain.  Ive been home for an hour and my hair is still soaked.  As are all of my clothes.  If I could find enough motivation to move from my position in the living room I'd probably 86 the sweaty clothes and rinse the sweat off, but I seriously can't move.  I have a feeling I'm gonna be hard core hurting in the morning.

I also wanted to mention that if you are following the SHOW ME YOUR GUNS  challenge  please keep track of the weights you are using.  I'm going to be asking for your starting weight and current weight at the mid point check in... and I forgot to tell you that last week.

So *thumbs up* for channeling my inner gym rat and getting all sweaty and grunty like the Muscle Heads :)

Oh, also-  someone asked if that is actually Brutus in the picture.  Yep-  it's him.  He cant have his likeness on any other websites other than the one for the gym,  so we circumvented the rule by posting only his body.  But that is in fact Brutus not some random muscle guy off the Internet :)

A Word From Brutus Regarding Modifications

Alright everyone, you've been training for a week now. I hope all of you are enjoying the exercises and feel great. Today we're going to cover modifications. Modifications are utilized when a particular exercise is too difficult or too heavy. A modification can be as simple as lowering the weight if you are using a machine, posting your hand on a nearby wall, posting for additional balance or changing the position of your body to make the exercise more manageable. A couple of examples of this would be the push-up and the bench dips. Below are links to see how to modify Push-Ups and Bench Dips.. When you’re doing a modification , don’t forget to keep your form in mind, as well as how you’re stabilizing yourself. Be careful not to lock your joints at any point, and stop if you feel any sharp pains. I’ll be back later on to show you how to modify the lower body exercises. Hope this helps.
Until next time,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wait... I'm the Pace-Keeper?? :looks around:...Seriously?

After last night's meltdown a good nights sleep provided me with some clarity.  I headed to the pool this morning, because nothing makes me feel better than a meeting with my oldest friend (the pool).  And the pool delivered, as per usual.  The water was Swimming Commercial perfect  (and, in case you don't obsessively watch the swimming championships on ESPN and you've never seen a swimming commercial,  typically the camera would be the swimmer-  and it dives into a crystal clear pool, showing under water the glints of sunlight reflecting off the moving water, and with the sun shining and an empty pool, it was exactly that same feeling this morning.

I got a bit of a late start, so I wasn't in the water until 6:40 and the pool was EMPTY!  I was thrilled.  AND-  someone finally got  the message at Lifetime and turned the heat up on the pool (or, maybe it was the 5am Ironmen that warmed it up for me ;-)  )

I start doing my thing, and eventually the 7:00 swimmers start filing in and taking up the other lanes.  Now-  I need to take a bit a detour here, just briefly.

In competition swimming-  your coach, the professionals, the books, magazines, fellow competitors etc  tell you to always keep an eye on your competitors and pace them.  So, when you are competing, you are breathing both right and left so that you can spot each swimmer on either side. And you want to make sure you are always keeping pace with them.

Typically, when lap swimming, everyone is at different skill levels, but there is always that one person that everyone has sighted that they try to keep pace with- to challenge themselves.

As I'm swimming back and forth back and forth, I look around and notice that everyone is within ten or so strokes of ME!  *I* was the Pace - Keeper!  Now, it took me about 200 meters to actually believe that I was the pace keeper but sure as shit, every turn I made, there were four consecutive flip, flap, flap, flop, sounds ten, fifteen, twenty seconds behind me.

I don't think I've EVER been the pace keeper before.  Ever!!! But today!  I WORE THE YELLOW SHIRT (well, figuratively anyway).  Talk about riding high-  after coming to that realization, all of my concerns from yesterday just melted away.

:spins and tra-la-las with ribbons and glitter:

I had a really decent workout too.  I did just under mile in about forty-ish minutes.  Woot Woot!  And seriously, like I said yesterday- working with Brutus is helping my swimming immensely.  And not just in my stroke return (which as I said yesterday, is Awesome!)  but also just in my overall stamina and power.

So-  woot woot!  For being the pace-keeper!!  What an awesome morning it was!  :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ARGH! See What I mean

Ok-  so you'll notice that the last post just kind of randomly and abruptly ended nonsensically.  Shame on me for not re-reading before hitting publish.  But somehow the POS blogging platform wiped out 2 paragraphs of what I wrote.  I was futzing around with adding the dumb picture it, and I'm quite certain that is when the wording disappeared.

ANYWAY-  it was a very worthwhile ancedote.  So *deep breath*  here goes.

Last Friday whilst working out with Brutus, I told him that I wanted to work more on my core because I wanted to lose my gut.  He told me that all of the moves that I am doing are strengthening my core.  I didn't believe him, because well, I suck.  But clearly, if I can do 200 meters worth of Supermans, clearly my core has gotten a workout.

My bad for being a doubting Thomas....

Brutus Answers Your Questions

So-  I received this question from one of our Show Me Your Guns participants:

Do you recommend using the machines or free weights?  What is the difference between the two (in regards to working out)?  Which will provide better results?  

And,  Here is Brutus'  response:

For weight loss I recommend using free weights. A lot of the body's stabilizer muscles are involved during every movement. This will help burn a lot more calories which is key when trying to lose weight. Also, it is easier to transition from one exercise to the next with free weights; again keeping the heart rate elevated and burning a high amount of calories. If free weights are unavailable or you simply do not know how to use them machines if used properly can also aid in weight loss. Grouping several machines and transitioning one to the next. Another option would be doing a set on the machine and then immediately doing an exercise on the feet like jumping jacks or running in place to help keep the heart rate elevated. Hope this helps. Enjoy.

You can email me, or post any questions you have for Brutus.  He is as excited about this challenge as I am, and welcomes any [general] questions he can answer to help you on your weightloss journey.

Its Just One Of Those Days

It's just one of those days 
that a girl goes through
When I'm angry inside,
Don't wanna take it out on you.
Just one of them things.
Don't take it personal.
I just wanna be all alone

Ive been sitting here for a while, kind of stewing but not really.  I'm not really pissed per se, but I guess it really it just one of those days when you are your own enemy.  I've been singing the lyrics to Monica's "Just One Of Those Days"  as I took out the garbage cans (usually Mr. Millie does it, but he has class on Wednesday nights, and since I'm just sitting here stewing, staring at a blank screen for my final assignment of the term, unable to think of what I want to say-  I figured well, I'll take the garbage out.)  Since it was my rest day, I didn't do any working out today so it felt good to haul heavy cans down to the curb.  

Where are the yucky feelings coming from?  Well, first-  my yucky pictures for the Show Me Your Guns Challenge.  How I feel inside does not match what I look like.  And taking a good hard look at the pics, its really evident that I seriously took "taking the winter off"  to a whole new level.  :(  Working with Brutus these past whatever its been (6? weeks)  I feel SO different.  Stronger.  Better.  I just thought that it would outwardly be reflected too.  And, maybe it has, but sensible me says "you can't be Giselle Bunchin overnight"  the dreamer in me says "Well, yeah, but I *feel* pretty, I *feel*  strong  I *feel*  badass... why can't I look it?  And I can't tell you how many times today I have wanted to take those pictures down. Especially because that one post has had over   five hundred hits... and I just put it up last night.  The old, less confident me would be afraid that the link from last nights blog would be circulating amongst the mean girls with snarky comments to go along with it.  But,  as soon as the thoughts entered my head-  new Millie said "So what!  You're changing, right?  You put together a challenge to help and inspire people, right?  If you can't even stare at your own picture, how are other people going to feel inspired or less intimidated in ANY way to want to do the same?"  And, new Millie is right.   But, Old Millie has put up quite a fight, and done a number on the inside.

So...  against new Millie screaming and yelling and trying to put the imaginary brakes on the non-imaginary real Millie, I decided to weigh myself.  Thinking "All this working out with Brutus and the new diet, surely has had to have had some effect.  But, its night time.  My muscles are swollen and sore from last nights workout...  I knew it wouldn't end well....  and, it didn't.  Dumb.  Seriously, dumb.  So, three chocolate eggs (*shakes fist* at Mom and Mom 2 for sending us home with Easter Baskets-  and :bang head:  for keeping "just a little bit" for myself before sending it off with Mr Millie to give to his guys at work)  and a whole lot of self-loathing later...  I'm finally ready to acknowledge and accept.

I have no control over bad days, days where I feel ick.  I can control other people making me feel ick  and I can control how I react to people trying to do this.  I also can control how Old Millie creeps into New Millie's life.  
Even though I feel bad about myself-  I know that there have been significant Non-Scale Strides:

1.  I *feel* stronger -  and I have guns.-  small guns... like one of those cute teeny spy movie-like guns that the sexy sidekicks always have hiding in their elegantly bedazzled purses-  but, guns nonetheless

2.  This new way of fueling my body (8 meals, earning carbs, lots of protein and fiber)  is making me feel great.  Truly.  - I mean, aside from the slide into chocolate comfort today-and that it's only day 3- but still I feel like it's something I can really do and stick to.  

3.  The new strength has done amazing things for my swimming.  My stroke return is *amazing*  

AND, I can do 8 laps of Supermans without even batting an eye (  for the headscratchers-  a "Superman"  is a swimming move in which, you swim with your hands extended in front of you [clasped though so not technically spread apart like supermans]  and kick - as if you had a kick board but your arms are acting as your kick board instead.  It sounds easy, but really it's not.  Because you need lots of abdominal strength to keep yourself balanced (not jerking side to side)  as well as upright (and have the ability to lift your head out of the water to breath, or keep it above water for an extended amount of time).  

This move is great for core strength and developing your kicking (because most people improperly kick from the knee instead of from the hip) .   *note-  they might also be called different things with different coaches.  My swimming coach, always called them supermans, so that's what I'm going with.  I'm sure in Michael Phelps-ish elite circles they probably have really impressive technical terms most likely named after the Russian that invented the move  like a yeckchenkov  or something...but in the House of Millie- they're supermans.  


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

My GUNS that is!  :)
So-  how is everyone doing?  Depending on whether or not you started your workout on Sunday or Monday, you are either one workout into the challenge or two.  For me, I've only done one.

Now I received the question " Do you recommend using the machines or free weights?  What is the difference between the two (in regards to working out)?  Which will provide better results? "

I'm not an expert so Ive forwarded the question on to Brutus, and will post his response as soon as I hear from him.  I can tell you though, that when we workout together, we incorporate both Free Weights and the Weight Machines.    When I worked out on my own for the Show Me Your Guns Callenge  I used the machines solely, but that was because the gym was PACKED  and the free weights that I needed were all being used.

The one thing that I wanted to suggest to all of you that I have found incredibly helpful, is an interval trainer.  I downloaded it to my EVO (Android phone)-  it was free.  I'm not sure if they have an app like that for Blackberry though Im sure they probably do, same with IPhone.  

Anyhow,  the reason I think it's beneficial is because you set the type of intervals you want (they range from 15 seconds to 90 seconds)  and then the rest period (same range)  and it will vibrate and make noise when you are supposed to start your interval and repeat when its time to start your rest. It also changes the color of your screen from Green to Red.  So its perfect for staying on target as your working out-  so as to make sure you aren't over working or over resting.  

So this was my first Show Me Your Guns workout 

I followed workout "A"  


Barbell Bench Press  -  15 lbs  -  3 sets of 30 seconds each-  30 second rest in between
Barbell Bent Over Row-  I skipped because I couldn't remember how to do it :blush:
Seated Military Press -  20lbs  3 sets of 30 seconds each=  30 second rest in between 
Tricep Kick Back   40lbs  -  3 sets of 30 seconds each-  30 second rest in between
EZ Bar Curls  Started w/ 35 lbs (was too heavy)  so I dropped down to 30 lbs for the next two sets -  3 sets of 30 seconds each-  30 second rest in between

Squats -  with weighted balance ball -  3 sets of 30 seconds each-  30 second rest in between
Good Mornings-  these scare me.. I'm afraid of doing it incorrectly and hurting myself.   I emailed Brutus to see if he has any other suggestions of moves to do in place of them, until I can run through this one with him.
Leg Extension -  23 lbs  3 sets of 30 seconds each-  30 second rest in between
Leg Curl  -  60lbs (HOLLA!)  3 sets of 30 seconds each-  30 second rest in between
Seated Calf Raise  - 35 lbs  3 sets of 30 seconds each-  30 second rest in between

SO-  that was my workout.  How was yours?  Did you find it easy/hard.  Are you feeling great/sore/inspired?  

I'd love to hear!

Also-  if you haven't given me your photos yet- I need them ASAP.  Anyone who hasn't sent me photos by Friday will be disqualified.

Here are my starting photos, so you guys feel less shy about sharing yours...  plz excuse the hot-messed-ness that I am sporting today :)