Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ARGH! See What I mean

Ok-  so you'll notice that the last post just kind of randomly and abruptly ended nonsensically.  Shame on me for not re-reading before hitting publish.  But somehow the POS blogging platform wiped out 2 paragraphs of what I wrote.  I was futzing around with adding the dumb picture it, and I'm quite certain that is when the wording disappeared.

ANYWAY-  it was a very worthwhile ancedote.  So *deep breath*  here goes.

Last Friday whilst working out with Brutus, I told him that I wanted to work more on my core because I wanted to lose my gut.  He told me that all of the moves that I am doing are strengthening my core.  I didn't believe him, because well, I suck.  But clearly, if I can do 200 meters worth of Supermans, clearly my core has gotten a workout.

My bad for being a doubting Thomas....