Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Importance of Pre and Post Work Out Fueling

On Friday, I missed my morning workout- because even though my gyms pool is inside, it shuts down if there is lighting.  - My YMCA never used to pull us out of the pool in a thunderstorm, so I'm not quite sure why all the protective measures but whatever-  So I decided to go and swim after work.  On a Friday evening I knew that exercise would not be top of mosts mind, so I figured Id have my pick of lap lanes (which I did- yay).  So Friday had been a fairly hectic day and my eating for most of the day was sub-par.  A Handful of crackers and some coffee for breakfast, a sandwich from Einstein's for lunch- no snacks, no proteins-  and then right into the pool.

Now originally, I had intended it to be just a nice easy swim, just to keep the muscle memory and the mechanics.  But, instead I decided to "check" how fast I could swim the Triathlon distance.  When I finished in 12 minutes- I went again - because twelve minutes wasn't good enough.  and again, and again... but at that point my arms and legs felt like lead- I had to stop and cut the workout there.  However, because I hadn't eaten before I worked out- I felt shaky and weak -  I could barely make it back to my car.

I know I've discussed this before, specifically regarding a Workout With Brutus  but its worth repeating- because clearly, even people who KNOW what they should be doing, sometimes forget or think that they don't have to -always- play by the rules.  If the gas tank is empty- it can not fuel with the workout-  if you're not properly fueling the workout, you are stepping backwards instead of stepping forwards.

Anyone else have a problem remembering to fuel before workouts?  What are your solutions to this - especially if you are before work or right after work exerciser?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Living Off The Grid

So- I officially turned in my last paper on Friday night at 10:30. - I purposefully smashed all my final assignments into Friday night so I could enjoy the weekend completely school work free. Since Mr. Millie had an unusually light work load himself (his summer term doesn't end for three more weeks)- we decided to take the weekend and just enjoy hanging out and spending time together NOT watching a clock or worrying about when we needed to get back to home to get work done. We turned off our cell phones were banned from computers/laptops/facebook - we put our home phone on "Do Not Disturb" and just existed without being available to everyone 24 hours a day. It was FABULOUS. I highly recommend trying it. It was so nice to just BE - and not be connected.

I actually read an entire book- for pleasure- over the course of the 2 days ( Discovery of Witches, for inquiring minds- and it was phenomenal... a must read- especially if you were swept into the Twilight craze. - its like a billion times better)

Anywho~ The weekend of nothingness was exactly what I needed. I could just relax, let myself decompress and be a total lazy bum. It was heaven.

I am back in the pool and getting ready for the Family tri in three weeks- yep three weeks. Um- Eep. Major Eep.

So, Mr. Millie is always expressing his concern that there are no lifeguards at the gyms lap pools. And I always point out that the pool is only four feet of water, there's no way any experienced swimmer could drown in the pool. Not to mention that the whole thing is wired with cameras. I'm sure someone is watching all the time. (not to mention that attendants are coming in and out all the time- so even if someone *was* drowning- they would be rescued)...

But anyway.. this morning, I was swimming, letting my mind drift away and not focusing on my stroking. I was stuck in the furthest lane against the wall this morning because there were a quadrillion people in the pool swimming this morning. And being all the way at the end, you get a lot of splashing from the wake of the other swimmers.

I pushed off the wall heading back for my final pass, and the wake of my own push off combined with the wake of the gigundo Iron Man swimming next to me created a wave forceful enough to enter both my nose and my mouth simultaneously- and completely robbing me of all air. Thankfully I was able to stand straight up and expel (in a none to pretty way) the water that had forced itself into my air ways... but I can now see just how quickly a drowning can happen even for a seasoned swimmer.

As appealing as it is to just flap back and forth, and not really mentally be present- it is kind of important to stay present , especially when there are a lot of people in the pool- just so you can mentally keep your positioning and form in check. I know my form wasn't proper. My middle was probably sagging- my chin most likely wasn't tucked- my shoulders were probably under the water instead of above the water- which is how I ended up inhaling half the ever loving pool.

So moral of the story- NO ONE is immune to drowning. NO ONE should neglect pool safety, and everyone should always regardless of how talented you are be cognizant of your surroundings.

That way you can enjoy the pool for years and years to come :-D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Millie Who?

Where Have You Been

Ok, Ok- its been a while.. ok- a long while... like over a month.  MY BAD.  Seriously.  Life unfortunately has pretty much gotten in the way of everything.  And I don't know what idiot decides to take an almost full load of classes (in a condensed 8 week format), whilst working full time - because what happens is, you drown.  And that's what happened to me.  I have been drowning for weeks now.  Thankfully two of my three classes have ended- HALLELUJAH- and the last one ends next week.

I'm back in the pool  - woot woot-  as Papa Millie has reminded me that we have a triathlon in um, three weeks- major eep.

I downgraded my participation to just 1 relay leg (Swimming)  originally I had intended on doing the whole thing while still doing the swimming leg of the relay group- but since Ive been drowning for the past six weeks my workouts went out the window.

Brutus has settled into his new gym so the plan is to start up with two - a - weeks either this week (at least one meeting for sure)  or next week -  so I can no holds barred work my ever living tail off for the next three ish weeks until the Tri.  Obviously I'll be working out past the tri as well, but that is what I need to prepare for now.

I did a mile this morning in roughly 45 minutes.  Which paces me at about twelve ish minutes for the relay distance.  - not fast enough-  but if I stick to pool time every day I can shave three minutes off my swim before raceday.

So for now, that's about it.  Sorry Ive been M.I.A.  -  why I constantly do this to myself I have no idea!