Monday, April 25, 2011


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Look at me getting all Challenge-y and stuff.

I belong to a cooperative called Fitblogger .  I've been a guest blogger  on the site,  but recently I read this article Weight Training Workouts  and thought "Why is it that we as women are so intimated by weight training machines?"  We will take classes,  jump on the elliptical, arc trainer, spin bike or treadmill, but how many women actually visit the weight lifting section of the gym?

According to Brutus (and the article)  if you want to lose weight, you need to be doing more than logging the gerbil miles.  You need to be building lean muscle to help burn off the fat.  Which got me thinking-  what better way to introduce people to the benefits of weight lifting than with a CHALLENGE!

:cue the trumpets: 

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Introducing my FIRST EVER-  Challenge!

I'm calling it :  SHOW ME YOUR GUNS  

My friend Rita at Fitblogger is going to be the completely non-biased judge for this little challenge we're going to have.

So-  here is the task- should you choose to accept it.


Starts:  May 1st
Ends:  July 24th
Midpoint Checkin :  June 12th

Length-  12 weeks

Open To:  Whomever wants to participate.  Men can too!!

What it entails:

  • Fill out the Sign Up Sheet
  • Follow the Fitblogger 12 Week Lifting Challenge  (more details on this and ways to modify it later)
  • Submit Before & After Pictures  (Front & Side Views -  PLEASE wear a shirt that is somewhat tight to the body so we can best see the changes)  
  • The Unbiased Judge will determine who has shown the most improvement over the 12 weeks and will be awarded an awesome prize pack!
Prizes include:

  • A Custom Designed "Show Me Your Guns" Challenge Winner Tank
  • Custom Designed Bragging Badge for your Blog or Facebook Profile
  • 1 Year Subscription to Women's Health Magazine
  • A Fitblogger Gym Bag

So-  do YOU have what it takes?  Submit your ticket to the GUN SHOW-  here

 Participating in the challenge is for entertainment purposes only.  Anyone who participates should consult with a physician or their chosen professionals to insure that they are proceeding in the safest possible fashion.  The 12 Week Weight Lifting Challenge is not intended to treat, diagnose, or provide advice to anyone looking to lose weight, and by participating in the challenge you acknowledge you are doing so at your own risk.