Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gonna Make You Sweat

Illustration from 10 Dans
This morning, I headed off to the pool for my normal morning routine.  Ive been realizing lately that my form, stamina and buoyancy are changing drastically.  I got out of the pool this morning, got ready for work, drove to work, and was probably a good half hour into my day before I finally stopped sweating.  Which, is surprising, because I didn't feel like I really beat myself up with my workout all that badly.  It was just an average workout or so I thought, but apparently considering the amount of sweating that I did, I worked out harder than I thought I did.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  A few weeks ago Brutus said to me, "When you're done with school-  we should add a mid-week workout to our routine so that I'm working with you twice a week."

Me:  Whimper. "Umm...yeah....a  second workout huh?....  Boy I'm gonna have to think about that one"  meanwhile I'm thinking in my head-  yeah like I'm about to get tortured twice in one week....  but alas, apparently I am a sadist, because I found myself at mid-week butt kicking numero uno this afternoon.

I forgot to bring my Fitblogger Weight Training Program with me to my workout with Brutus...  so, he decided instead to invent his own.  Yeah--- ...  I thought that the Fitblogger "B" workout was hard... the BRUTUS workout is a million times harder.  I mean, don't get me wrong I feel great, but seriously, I have never sweat that much in my entire life, I'm quite certain.  Ive been home for an hour and my hair is still soaked.  As are all of my clothes.  If I could find enough motivation to move from my position in the living room I'd probably 86 the sweaty clothes and rinse the sweat off, but I seriously can't move.  I have a feeling I'm gonna be hard core hurting in the morning.

I also wanted to mention that if you are following the SHOW ME YOUR GUNS  challenge  please keep track of the weights you are using.  I'm going to be asking for your starting weight and current weight at the mid point check in... and I forgot to tell you that last week.

So *thumbs up* for channeling my inner gym rat and getting all sweaty and grunty like the Muscle Heads :)

Oh, also-  someone asked if that is actually Brutus in the picture.  Yep-  it's him.  He cant have his likeness on any other websites other than the one for the gym,  so we circumvented the rule by posting only his body.  But that is in fact Brutus not some random muscle guy off the Internet :)