Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TEN THOUSAND HITS!.... And a Contest! :)

If you also follow me on Facebook and Twitter you are probably sick of me saying this already-  but I am just so dang excited!  My little blog,  the little blog that could... has finally reached


I honestly can not believe it!  When I started this blog back in August of 2009, I never started it with the intention of really being "public" or getting any kind of notoriety from it.  So I never really promoted it, or really told anyone except for a close circle of friends that I even *had* the blog.  

But after finishing my first Tri last year, the blog sort of organically grew and I am so grateful for every single person who has ever read it, offered me support, sent me emails, tweets, Facebook posts and blog comments.  I honestly could not have ever crossed the Triathlon finish line without all your support.  
I know without all of it, I would not be inspired daily to work hard to better myself each and every day.
So a Great Big Gigundo THANK YOU!!!! 
For taking See Millie Tri into the TEN THOUSANDS and Beyond!

So-  what would a party be without some party favors?  
Or well, really a party favor for one lucky person.  

Here are the contest deets:


This will be the easiest contest you have ever entered!    

What do you win?

$25.00 AMAZON.COM Gift Card 

How Do You Win?  

 Post a comment below about what you have become inspired to do. It could be taking the dogs for a nightly walk, giving up pop, or maybe trying a new fitness class.

The contest ends when SeeMillieTri crests 10,500 hits.    For the sake of making things easier-  I will close it Friday May 20th at 11:59pm if  SeeMillieTri has not received an extra 500 hits by then.  

If SeeMillieTri makes it OVER 500 hits by Friday night, 
I will up the ante to a $30.00 gift card.  

To make this contest completely fair and unbiased, I will be using to randomly select the person from the comments section below.


1.  You received 1 extra entry for "Liking" SeeMillieTri  on Facebook.-  Leave a second comment below that you have "Liked" me on Facebook.  
(if you already like me that's great!  leave an additional comment below!)

2. Follow me on Twitter and then  Tweet the following:

@SeeMillieTri has inspired me to [insert your comment] #SMT10K

Leave an additional comment below to let me know you sent me some Twitter love.

I will announce the winner of the $25.00 Gift Card on Saturday Morning!

Good Luck Everyone.  And Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my little blog that could, crest the ten thousand mark!  


Kelty said...

I've been inspired to try fitness classes for the first time ever!

Kelty said...

I'm following you on twitter and tweeted about you!

Kelty said...

I liked you on Facebook!

domwillrunforbeer said...

I stummbled upon your blog a few months ago. You have inspired me to run my first 5K in September. Thank you!

domwillrunforbeer said...

I liked you on Facebook!

domwillrunforbeer said...

I am also following you on Twitter!

Alex said...

Well of course I am all of the above (although I don't do the Twitter thing much) - BUT - I'm going to pass and let someone else that could really use it win the gift card. Just wanted to say congrats on your blog hitting 10k!! That's a great number because that's what I ran last month in that marathon relay! [blows party horn]!

MelindaWrites said...

I like you on facebook. No I REALLY like you on facebook.

MelindaWrites said...

You have inspired me to have renewed love of weight training with your Show Me Your Guns contest!

Melissa said...

You inspired me to get off my couch and train for my first 5k (Im running it in two weeks!) Thankyou Millie!!

Melissa said...

I "liked" you on FB

Melissa said...

Im following you on Twitter!

Liz said...

You are an inspiration for all us "big" girls in the pool!

Marsha Whitehead said...

You have inspired me! I just had a baby in Dec. , I said in Feb. that my goal this year was to run a marathon. I haven't done anything to move towards that goal. I am going to get started training. What did you do?

Also thank you for supporting the women and artisans with Heart of Haiti.I work at Everywhere and we're a member of the team that helps promote Macy's Heart of Haiti.


Marsha Whitehead

laurainaurora said...

I <3 you on facebook! :-)

laurainaurora said...

And I tweeted your awesomeness!

Angelika said...

I let Jillian Michaels kick me around most days. :-)