Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brutus Answers Your Questions

So-  I received this question from one of our Show Me Your Guns participants:

Do you recommend using the machines or free weights?  What is the difference between the two (in regards to working out)?  Which will provide better results?  

And,  Here is Brutus'  response:

For weight loss I recommend using free weights. A lot of the body's stabilizer muscles are involved during every movement. This will help burn a lot more calories which is key when trying to lose weight. Also, it is easier to transition from one exercise to the next with free weights; again keeping the heart rate elevated and burning a high amount of calories. If free weights are unavailable or you simply do not know how to use them machines if used properly can also aid in weight loss. Grouping several machines and transitioning one to the next. Another option would be doing a set on the machine and then immediately doing an exercise on the feet like jumping jacks or running in place to help keep the heart rate elevated. Hope this helps. Enjoy.

You can email me, or post any questions you have for Brutus.  He is as excited about this challenge as I am, and welcomes any [general] questions he can answer to help you on your weightloss journey.


Jeannie said...

I totally agree with this but also free weights provide more functional strength training. As he mentioned, with free weights you are also using all the smaller stabilizer muscles and core as well. This helps create more muscular balance in the body and strength for everyday activities. Machines don't provide multiplane strengthening motions and they neglect working out your core which is really important as without a strong core, you cannot use your limbs effectively. Machines are good for beginners just to get used to a weight training program but not good for long term goals of increased strength or weight loss.

Monika said...

Thanks for that answer.. Ive been using the free weights since Sunday. Ill switch to machines too, but glad to know the "free" weights
help in weight loss YIPPEE