Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fixing An Oversight

A few weeks back,  I did a post about all of the people who helped me complete my Triathlon.  I had posted a picture, showing all of the awesome people that came and cheered me along and spoke about how each one had helped me.

In that post, and the frenetic excitement of trying to fit everyone in, I overlooked one very important friend. So, in pennance for the guilt I feel for totally overlooking her (and it was an accident, I would never intentionally leave her out)... here is my slobbering love affair post dedicated to my friend:


Megan and I work together and have for five years, and over that time she has become like a little sister to me  ( I can't say the sister I never had because I have two sisters lol -  but she would be my Little Sister Part Two) .

The day after I saw Meredith compete in her triathlon, I went to work all jazzed up and I told Megan "I'm going to do a Triathlon"  ---  well actually it was more like "Holy Crap You should have seen Meredith, she freaking ROCKED.  I'm SO doing that next year"  but you get the point.

Megan said "You're gonna rock too"  no hesitation. No laughing, chortling, or anything else that would otherwise discourage this crazy notion that I had set about in my head.  Nope. She looked me straight in the face and from that day forward was my therapist, my cheerleader, my ear (and lord knows she listened to about a million neuroses over the next year )  like : being afraid of having to walk the bike route, to hurting my knees, the weather, my bathing suit, my  goggles, my shoes, and anything and everything else I could panic about-  she heard it.  And every time I had something I was afraid of, she would calmly listen to what I was saying, and then talk me down off whatever ledge I was standing at (in the metaphoric sense of course).  
When I started my blog-  she was the only one I told (for a while).  She was my sole follower.  And she would always comment, email, or in general give me a rah rah.  So really,  she has been my cheerleader from day ONE. 

 Before I told anyone else, I told her.  
Before anyone else knew I had a blog-  even before I went "soft public" (as in telling the first 11 people who read my blog in the begining)  she was reading it-  daily.

She designed my very first "See Millie Tri" logo  (which sadly I lost when my computer crashed :( )
And of course, she was there on the day of the race cheering me on :-D

So-  to Megan - The forgotten (albeit unintentionally) :

Thank you for being a friend (suddenly the Golden Girls Theme Song is in my head)
Thank for you being an ear
Thank you for talking me down off a million ledges
Thank you for your unwavering support and belief I was capable of something
I occasionally thought I couldn't do
Thank you still for being you :)


Lindsay said...

Yes, and lets not forget she introduced me to you,and I introduced you to Brutus, and everything happens for a reason!!!!!!

Emily Sandford said...

aw, what a wonderful friend!

Megan said...

Aww :) Thanks for make me cry... lol

Really though... I knew you could do it, and you did. I was (and still am) so proud of you. This is a wonderful journey that you're on. Keep on trekin' girlie!