Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Word From Brutus Regarding Modifications

Alright everyone, you've been training for a week now. I hope all of you are enjoying the exercises and feel great. Today we're going to cover modifications. Modifications are utilized when a particular exercise is too difficult or too heavy. A modification can be as simple as lowering the weight if you are using a machine, posting your hand on a nearby wall, posting for additional balance or changing the position of your body to make the exercise more manageable. A couple of examples of this would be the push-up and the bench dips. Below are links to see how to modify Push-Ups and Bench Dips.. When you’re doing a modification , don’t forget to keep your form in mind, as well as how you’re stabilizing yourself. Be careful not to lock your joints at any point, and stop if you feel any sharp pains. I’ll be back later on to show you how to modify the lower body exercises. Hope this helps.
Until next time,