Fearless Living List

Weightloss Goals- From Today Moving Forward

Lose 10 Pounds
Lose 25 Pounds
Lose 50 Pounds
Lose 75 Pounds
Lose 100 Pounds

Sports Related Goals

Run An Entire 5k (No Walking Allowed)
Swim With the Masters
Run on a Treadmill
Take A Spin Class
Take Zumba
Take Pilates
Join Fitness Bootcamp
Compete in a Century (that’s a 100 mile bike race)
Compete in an Olympic Distance Triathlon
Compete in Sharkfest-Minneapolis
Compete in Sharkfest-Alcatraz

Luring Out the Extrovert

Sing A Solo
Audition for A Musical
Learn to Play The Guitar (And Participate in Open Mic Night)
Take A Dance Class
Learn Ballet

Carpe Diem!
Ride A Roller Coaster
Ride On An Airplane W/ No Seatbelt Extender
Horseback Ride
Go Hiking
Take A Walking Tour of the City
Wear Heels
Go To A Fancy Ball
Learn How to Sew (and channel my inner fashionista)
Buy Something At Victoria’s Secret
Join A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and Cook What Is Grown
Learn 5 Vegetarian Receipes That Are Easy to Make, Taste Good, and can be my “Go To” Recipes when “there’s nothing in the house to eat”
Make A Conscious Effort to Be Positive Every Day, and Find Graditude in Life Everyday
Create A Garden in My Yard, Nurture & Maintain It

Get Tattoo’ed With My Heightest Weight
Have A Massage
Buy A Real Lapsuit
Have A 10 Year Vow-Renewal In A Real Wedding Dress
Say Goodbye to Plus-Sized Stores for Good!