Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brutus the Brutal


I've been whining on and off to my husband since coming home from training with the Brute yesterday.  My husband, clearly not getting that I want *sympathy*  simply looks at me and says "good, you are getting what you paid for then".  That isn't the point though.  Yes, Brutus rocks.  We've already established that he is the worlds best trainer.  But Dude-  I HURT.

Since my bum knee is still in the end stages of it's temper tantrum, we are still working on arms and core.  And when I say arms and core, I mean less arms, more core. just to give you an idea about the pain I am in today.. I actually contemplate whether or not I want to sneeze because I know that it's gonna make me groan.

The Brute worked me good- fo rizzle.

So-  Congrats to KELTY  our 10k Hit Contest Winner.  :)  Random Dot Org chose position numero 3 as it's designated winner, and of course that was Kelty's post telling me she sent me some twitter love!

YAY for winning!

I had so much more to say, but lovely disorganized moi, who thought I had until AFTER Memorial Day for classes to begin again, was sorely mistaken.  My Classes start THE WEEK of Memorial Day-  with my first assignments due- you guessed it- TOMORROW.

I know you know what Ive been doing all day today!

I have gazillions of posts here waiting to get polished and post worthy- but fear not- they will be coming; albeit in a slower manner than planned!


Kelty said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I was soooo excited when I went into my inbox and saw that I won! Awesome! I'll be sure to give you some blog love in my next post!