Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm A Speedo Girl, Through & Through

This morning was quite the interesting morning. I arrived at the gym intent on getting in a swim workout (since we know its been a long while since Ive been in the pool), I pull into a parking space, turn around to grab my bags and lo and behold,  no swim bag.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME- I'm thinking.  This is just flipping typical.  So I think "well, I packed clothes for tonight's workout for the Show Me Your Guns Challenge , I'll just do that this morning instead".  Problem-  in my clothing bag, I forgot to pack unders, socks AND shoes.

So-  I'm without a towel, goggles, swim cap, kick board, fins, paddles, shampoo, conditioner and soap.  And, I also have a Shirt and Pants but no shoes, no unders, and no socks.  Thankfully,  Lifetime sells swim caps and goggles (never mind the fact that they charge you the "we've got you over the barrel" price of thirty five bucks for the two...).  Typically, I use Speedo Vanquisher Goggles (in hot pink)  and a Speedo Silicone Swimming cap   (also in hot pink)...  I love my Vanquisher Goggles.  Love them.  Seriously, if Speedo ever announced that they were discontinuing the Vanquisher line, I'd cry.  I'd probably go into a mini-depression.  Because seriously, no other goggle works better than that one.

Now, everyone has their own particular tastes for goggles, so you may be saying "Millie you're nuts-  I like (-insert favorite brand here-), but Ive been swimming since I was a kid and I am definitely a Speedo gal through and through.  My gym carries TYR products.  *heavy sigh*  so needless to say it was a frustrating swimming experience.  I am not a fan of TYR goggles, in the slightest (sorry TYR-  but your goggles just don't cut it.  The adjustment straps don't stay, they fog constantly, they don't fit correctly, and if you push off too hard from the wall, they flip up from the cheekbone [as a result of an improper fit in the eye socket].

So, what lesson can you glen from this?  A.  Always check to make sure you have all your bags before leaving your house (lol).  Keep a backup pair of goggles and swim cap in your car, purse, or something else you always carry with you.  (and, when getting a spare-  use the same ones you typically do, otherwise it will be detrimental to your workout.) Be brand loyal.  Once you find something you love...stick with it.

Also-  when picking a gym, take note of the proximity to a big box store that you can grab stuff at in a pinch.  Seriously, Super Target should have a parade in my honor-  I'm there so frequently.  Even Marilyn (the early morning checker-  and yes, we're on a first name basis (case-in-point)  said to me this morning "So, you swam this morning huh?"  lol.

Its nice to be back in the pool though, I sure missed my old friend.  :)  -  but-side note... Lifetime still has yet to warm the damn water up.  They turned the heat up on the pool deck- but godforbid we raise the heat in the pool.  

They should seriously ask a swimmer what happens when they have to take heating up the pool into their own hands... and, I'll leave it at that :)