Monday, January 31, 2011

Upping My Game, and Being Present

First-  I'd like to say that if you are over on Twitter, (and you happen to follow me)  you may see that some of my posts end in a #7daychip  hash tag.  This 7day chip is a support group, on twitter, that encourages it's members to stay present in their food choices, and taking dieting one day at a time.  It's born from Overeater Anonymous, and is a milestone to mark a week without any binge eating-  but considering OA encompasses many- not just binge eaters but emotional eaters, stress eaters, or just heavy people in general who want to root out the reasons behind their food dependencies, the 7 day chip group on Twitter is more of a self-determined week long accountability tool.  I may not be explaining it properly- as technically I am not an OA member, but noticed lots of people I follow on twitter hashtagging 7 day chip.  And when I inquired about it,I thought now THIS is something I need.

So, today was day 7 (never mind it was like attempt # 3 at a week of present eating)  but yay for me for getting my 7day chip
My 7Day Chip Award

In other great news.  Lifetime Fitness hasn't gotten their tish straight yet- and the damn lap pool is still frigid, which is what I'm assuming in the reason for the game-upper.  I actually swam a mile and a half today- and I did it in about 45 minutes.  Insane.  It has to be because the pool was so cold, but I decided to swim in 200m passes today instead of my typical 100m passes  and as I was swimming my 200m passes, I thought "wow, I'm at 1000m already- and its not even 7:00"  So then I thought "okay, if I can do 1000 meters in roughly 20 minutes, I can do 2000 meters in 40 minutes-  and that's exactly what I did!  And then by the time I got out of the pool at about 7:40, I was at 2400 meters!

I am feeling it now though!  In a good way. I love when my muscles hurt after a workout- it means that I'm on the way to being a lean mean triathloning machine.

Its amazing though, when you aren't giving yourself ultimatums like "I have to swim x amount today" I have to run x amount today, I have to lose x amount of pounds this week...  its easier to achieve more than what you ever would have thought!

Hopefully everyone can step out of their own way this week, and just go with it.  You are capable of so much more than your head tells you that you are!


anna said...

Great advice. I know when I set those goals it can be overwhelming and I tend to eat more.