Monday, January 17, 2011

Bloggers and Their Perceived Self-Importance & Gym Etiquette

So, granted, when you start getting emails and support from people who aren't related to you, or under friend or familial obligation to read it, it is really exciting. There is a whole rush of "really? You like me? You REALLY like ME?" And, naturally it's a rush! But, there are certain bloggers out there, whose heads are apparently so swollen of their own perceived self-importance that they refuse to even entertain the idea of deigning to give you a moment of their time.


"Hi Mr Once Fat and now thin, who has a blog name that is his old weight" I'm doing a blog about my fitness and weight loss journey, I've been following you for a while and I'm really impressed with your site. Who designed it for you? Was it one that you did on your own or did you hire someone to do it for you? etc etc"

First time I sent it- no response
Second time I sent it- no response
Third time I sent it

"I'm sorry, but I don't divulge "trade secrets" best- (insert blog owner name)"

Really? Trade secrets? You have got to be kidding me. Last time I checked, the "Blogosphere" is overflowing with everyone and their brother trying to be the next "Julie & Julia" and perhaps that's why they don't want to divulge their trade secrets, but honestly, if someone asked me "Hey I love your site, who designed it" I would totally help someone out. We're all a community of writers are we not? And we are all continually learning right?

On the opposite side of the spectrum a wonderfully sweet woman by the name of Emmie- you can follow her at gave me tons of information regarding her gorgeous website. She embodies all that the words "Blog Community" are all about. Which is why I encourage you all to also follow her. Not only is she totally inspirational with her almost 100 pound and counting weightloss, but her website is gorgeous, and she is all around a super sweet person.

I hope to be redesigning my blog in the next few weeks and making it look more visually appealing and organized.

To detour onto other subject matter...

It's the new year. Lots of people made resolutions to get fit this year (which I love) and lots of people have purchased a gym membership (many apparently at Lifetime Fitness) which again is great (even if it does mess up my whole morning workout mojo) but my point here, is that if you are new to a fitness club, take a moment and become aware of the etiquette at your gym.

For example- at MY gym, there is a sign, written clear as day that says "Lap Lane Line forms to right of staircase" which means- if you are waiting for a lap lane- sit on the bench to the right of the staircase. That doesn't mean, sit in the Hot Tub while you're waiting, it doesn't mean put your "stuff" in front of a lane and then go into the sauna until the lane opens, and it certainly doesn't mean come storming out of the lockeroom and jump into a lane while other people are patiently waiting.

In the locker room, let's keep a towel around us, or at least be in a bra/undies when doing our makeup/drying our hair at the mirrors. The mirrors are on either side of the room, and the last thing I want to be looking at (or have you rudely assume I'm staring at, when in fact I'm blow-drying my hair) is your naked body, full frontal reflecting in MY mirror. It's gross. I don't care how rocking of a body you have, there is no reason to be standing naked in front of a public locker room mirror doing your hair and makeup.

Tonight was supposed to be my first meeting with my new spin bike, Gunter. But, it's snowing outside. Heavy wet snow (about 3 ish inches) so I decided to be nice to my late hour working/school attending husband and shovel the driveway for him. So, I still got my workout this evening, just not in the "ride until your tush aches" kind of way.

Til next time!

~Millie :)