Monday, January 31, 2011

Spinach & Garbanzo Bean Sandwich

I had set a “Fearless Living” goal to find Vegetarian Meals that are quick, easy, and can be made when “there’s nothing in the house to eat”.  Well, I had also this previous week decided that I need to be more protein focused in my diet because my stupid body apparently is VERY attached to all this fat…and the weightloss is once again moving at a glacial pace.  The same frustration I had during the Tri- except I feel like now it should be faster because I have this dang armband on that should be telling me whether or not I’m doing well.    Anyway- apologies for the tangent-  I spent this weekend planning my week, making my grocery list, and intend to cook and eat only what I have planned and hope that this might be the breakthough weightloss week.

So-  here was my first foray at finding things that are easy to cook and taste good. 

This was from this cookbook :  Powerfoods By the Editors of Whole Living Magzine 

It’s super easy -  2 handfuls of spinach (I probably should have measured it but I eyeballed)  

1 can of Garbanzo beans
(the recipe calls for fresh garlic, but I used jarred minced garlic)- I teaspoon
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Cook the spinach and garlic  down in pan until the spinach gets soft

Add garbanzo beans 

Add to Cuisinart , and a few squeezes of Lemon Juice and pulse

And Voila!  It’s done.

The picture says you should have it in a Pita  with tomato. 

But pita I had not. So I ate on Pumpernickel bread with swiss cheese and mustard.  It was delish.

I considered using Greek Yogurt paired with it, but decided instead on the cheese/mustard combo.  You can play around and figure out how you like it.

This recipe though is definitely a keeper to tuck away in my mental note file for future use when in need of a quick recipe.   And, with the bean/spinach combo not only is it high in protein but in Iron as well!



anna said...

I eat a lot of garbanzo beans and kidney beans - especially on my spinach salad. I'm vegetarian so always looking for good protein sources. This dish sounds delish!

The Tubby Triathlete said...

It was! But surprisingly- I made 2 sandwiches, and the spinach apparently is more filling than I thought it would be- I could only get through 1 half and I was STUFFED- so big plus for a filling meal! :) And it was super good!