Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long Time!

Wow- Its been over a week since my last post- Hole' Mole' I can't believe it has been that long! Well, it's back in the saddle for me. Ive spent my mornings this week at the lovely, albeit frigid pool. Good thing about snowstorms, and freezing temperatures, it makes for a very open lap pool- no sharing at all. I have, however, had to swim on the ends, thus fighting against a strong wake but- I look at it as an opportunity to burn more calories.
A great thing that has kept me on track, interestingly enough, is the "Check-in" feature for Facebook on Android. I know, that if certain people dont see my check-in every day, that they are going to hold me accountable and call me out. This week, I have been swim focused only, just so that I can get back into the swim of things and re-establish my routine. Next week, the plan is to begin to slowly introduce my triathlon circuit into my evenings. As I have said before, lack of funds has dropped me down to currently one class this semester- I may try to pick up a few more in March - when the next round of classes begins. Thankfully though, that means I can proceed full speed ahead on my training.

I must admit, I'm a bit scared to start training with my Spin Bike, Gunter. I hear his evil laugh coming from my workout room. He and my treadmill, Gustav are perniciously plotting my workout demise, I know they are.

My upcoming Triathlon workouts were taken from Tri Newbies dot com, and I am following the 18 week Intermediate Sprint Distance training program. I'm really just going to be following this as my "off-season" training until actual training begins in March- as, swimming 1000 or 1250 (oh my I just realized this said Yards... and I swim in a meter pool- and have been doing it in meters, oh well- that just proves my point lol) I can swim these distances with no effort at all- even after taking quite the hiatus.

My swimming workouts will most likely float somewhere around the 1650-2000m mark, once I'm finally back in the swing of things. I'm going to mainly be focusing on speed this year. I really want to finish the Tri in or around the 2 hour mark- ok... maybe that's a bit ambitious- 2:15 would be great.

So, that's about it for now.

Til next time!

~Millie :)