Monday, January 2, 2012

I've Got A New Attitude

Happy 2012 Peeps!

While I'm not big on resolutions,  I am all for refocusing of goals, and refreshing our attitudes & outlooks.

So, here is my refresher- laid out for the public eyes to see.

Weight Loss Goals:

*  No Processed Sugars
*  Sticking (and being very strict about the stick) to Brutus 1900 calorie plan

My friend Michelle had completed this 1 Mile every day for one month "quest" last month. Since my life was cray-cray for rizzle- I decided to make this my January goal.  Since it's kind of already the 3rd (hey- who didnt enjoy their New Years "long weekend" ?  -  we'll just pretend that tomorrow is January 1st.

Here is my promise:

1 Mile Every Day for the month of January.  (Im hoping at the end of the month that I can up this to 2 miles every day next month- and 3 in March)-  which would then put me in perfect positioning for the start of Triathlon training.  However, Im taking a baby step first so as not to get overwhelmed.  1 mile every day.  Im going to start off walking it first- mainly because my knee is still tender  and Ive been on my tush for most of last term.   Hopefully once my body readjusts to the workouts  I can at least WOG (walk/jog)  if not full jog by the end of the month *fingers crossed*

I also really need to work on my emotional outlook.  Being surrounded by negativity and negative people just drags you down.  And day after day of it, its gets draining.  This year, I am hoping to stay positive regardless of what outside influences are trying to do to my demeanor.  Someone told me last week-  you only live life once, so why live it carting around other peoples issues.  And they were right.  Meredith has started a "Complaint Free Life"  with a little bracelet to remind her every time she complains.  I'm joining her in this challenge.

Speaking of challenges with Meredith... it should come as no surprise that she pretty much kicked my arse in the big girl panties challenge.  We were neck and neck for a really good long while-  then- yeah, you know it SCHOOL got in the way. Argh.  This term seems like it will be better than last term (lets hope).  Anyhow-  there is a spa day in the future for Meredith and I -  once we get our schedules sorted and such.

SPEAKING of last term-----  lets get a big :RAISE THE ROOF: HOLLA! For me making it out of Literary Theory with an A!  BOOYAH!  (okay, it was *technically an A-  but Good Enough for ME!)  Woot Woot!  Im not even kidding though when I tell you I honestly thought I was going to get a C and have to take the class over...  it caused a lot I mean a LOT of stress and sleepless nights thats for sure.

As far as my race goals... Im going to keep it simple this year:

Naperville Women's Tri in June (With SKINNY EMMIE woot woot)

Im trying to get a group together to swim the SWIM ACROSS AMERICA : CHICAGO  with me in July.  It will be capital F Fun I promise.  You can even swim as little as a half mile.  I probably would only do the mile myself- considering Ive never swam in open water before *gulp*

And of course, the family Tri in August.  I think that mi familia has decided that they each want to compete individually this year, which will rock (my dad will kick my hiney in the bike- and my sister will trample me in the run  but I will DOMINATE in the pool)  Ok, maybe my sister said she wants to do the whole thing... I think my Dad *might* still be looking for some relay partners :)

Anyhow, here is to a happy and healthy 2012!