Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Suffering the Consequences of a Semester Spent on my Tush

The weather in Chicago lately has been absolutely gorgeous!  Like spring (as I type this, they're calling for 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow- so I guess the fun is over).  Anyhow, because its been SO nice, it has been much much easier to make it to the pool.  Can we please discuss how sore I am ?  Pitiful right?

At this moment thanks to the depleted stamina I am barely able to make it to the 1200 meter mark in 45 minutes.  My arms have that light floaty feeling when you know they are going to hurt later-  every time I swim.  Granted, as the week continues the stamina will return, but owie to the nth degree.  Ok, actually Im being a baby, maybe not the nth degree-  perhaps just a slight discomfort.  The swimming pain is no where even close to the pain instilled by Brutus.

Speaking of Brutus, I'm sure you're wondering what is going on with him as I haven't mentioned him lately.  Unfortunately-  he has become ridiculously popular -  like super star popular (and, if you watch MMA you may have seen his WillPower athletes battling it out)  and with the craziness of the term and the multiple trips I took in November, I had to give up my prime Saturday morning spot.  Which resulted in (at the moment) no available times for us to meet :(

I can't even tell you how much I miss him.  I am just not capable of kicking my butt in the same way he could.  I mean, in all honesty when I start doing something and it burns I'm like "okay, two? two is good enough...right?  I don't really need to to TEN.  Ten just seems excessive"   Where as he'd be all "Millie- just for complaining, you're doing fifteen *whip crack*  and Id be all *whimper* and do the fifteen and like it.  But I just am not a self-whipper.

Hopefully someday soon my prime Saturday spot opens up again (anyone know any "family" that can "take care of the problem"?)  kidding kidding--  For the moment however, Im flying solo.  And I'm not even going to lie-  I seriously miss the hell out of him.

Anyhow- my poor brain totally derailed and I can't remember what else I was planning on saying :-P

So Im going to wrap this up!
Oh- and today's picture I found on Pinterest- I dont know who it belongs to, so I cant give any photo credits.  But I'm not stealing it maliciously, I'm sharing the wisdom of the quotation :)


KLA said...

It's uncomfortable getting back into the pool after a hiatus. The good thing is that you'll start to feel stronger with every workout!