Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh Sugar!

My friend Meredith and I gave up sugar officially starting this week. (technically it was supposed to start 1/1/12  but, with the holiday and all-  my sugar detox didn't  start until Monday)

Now in case you're wondering why we decided to cut out sugar...  sugar messes up your body-  especially "bad" sugars (high fructose corn syrup)  as well as "fake" sugars that mess with your endocrine system.  Additionally, the more sugar you eat- the more you crave it, leaving you in a vicious and never ending cycle of sugar dependence.  If you've picked up an US Weekly or a People Magazine lately (and really  I'm not trying to be one of those preachy 'jump on the latest fad' type thing)  but there are tons of people that have lost a lot of weight by breaking their dependence on sugars.  Since I already have an endocrine disorder I really need to sever the ties to sugars-  and for me that is all sugars that are not naturally occurring (like in fruit, beans and legumes and milk).  And "sugar free' substitutes are also full of endocrine disruptors so those have been kicked to the can as well.

But let me tell you-  the detoxing has been a BEAR.  Especially since we just passed the holidays, which should aptly be named "Candy Land"  because really what at the holidays *doesnt* have sugar in it.  So I am HURTING.  Not only am I constantly tired and always feel like I'm hungry even though I'm not-  I also have KILLER and I do mean KILLER headaches.  If you're a former smoker- and you remember the withdrawal from nicotine-  (well for me anyway I got terrible headaches from that- but I would just drink a coke and feel better lol)  it is just as bad - well probably worse since no coke allowed :)

I know once Im cleansed I will start to feel better- but I remember this from back in (what was that, October?) when I did the sugar free thing before.  I believe last time once I made it past the 7 day mark I felt better.

Anyone else giving up sugar?  How has your detox been going?


KLA said...

I've noticed that the more crappy food I eat the more I crave crappy food. Now that I'm eating more veggies, I'm craving veggies now too.

Maybe try to replace the sugar with eating lots of veggies?

In any case, hope the sugar detox doesn't take too long!