Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why the Incommunicado?

Hi all.  It's been a trying past few weeks thats for sure.  There had been some stuff going on with me, which I had been hesitant to discuss on my blog, mainly out of shame, but also because of the situation.  However,  I'm realizing I really have nothing to be ashamed about, and considering the scope of this network, I may be able to utilize it to my advantage.

I was laid off at the end of the year.  My company apparently needed to save some money and was looking to cut costs, so they dumped me.  No severance package, no "here's some money in appreciation of the six years of dedication and hard work"  just a "thanks for the memories" and exit, stage left.  I have to say I'm still a bit hurt by the whole thing.  I realize business is business and decisions are decisions, but I worked for a very small company and I honestly thought we were a family.  To be cut out so quickly and decisively with little explanation or resolution other than "we need to cut costs" stings,  a lot.  I had intentionally sought out a smaller company when applying for this position because I  was under the delusion that in small companies people stick together, that somehow a sum being part of a whole was more meaningful in a smaller company.

It's a rough economic climate out there-  layoffs abound everywhere you look, so I know I'm not in this boat alone.  It just feels like it sometimes.  When you have spent the past 25 days seeking out positions seemingly everywhere, and you hear "thanks, but no thanks" more times that you care to count, it really wears on you.  So, in this, I felt it would be a bit disingenuous to continually blog and chirp along as if nothing was happening.  Especially since, I have shared with you every trial and tribulation over the past three years of my life, to not mention the fact that I'm on the unemployment line would seem dishonest to say the least.

I've heard a lot over the past few weeks that every stumble is an opportunity, God doesn't close a door without opening a window, make lemonade from your lemons, etc  -  and I am truly looking into every facet of possibility, and hoping for a short stint on the unemployment line.


KLA said...

So sorry about your job. I've heard that even if you are expecting a lay-off it hurts, so I can't imagine how it feels when it is out of the blue and in the current economic environment. Best wishes for a quick and successful job search.

Natasha said...

Oh man, that BLOWS. I'm so sorry, it really doesn't sound like they handled it very well. :( I will be thinking of you, I know you will find something, you're awesome.

Skinny Emmie said...

chin up, buttercup. I know it sucks ass - been there before. You're awesome, and will find something.