Monday, April 18, 2011

Motivation Monday- Traci

Good Morning Everyone!!  Monday has arrived once again!  (Darn Monday's for being so dependable!  Wouldn't it be nice if Mondays just occasionally forgot to show up, and we could have a Sunday part 2).  But alas, here we are again.  The bright spot on a Monday (for me anyway), is sharing with you yet another Motivational Story.  Today's guest blogger is my friend Traci.  Traci is a forty-something Nurse Practitioner and Published Writer.  Last Sunday, she too ran Chicago's Shamrock Shuffle. In her own words,  here is her experience:

Traci Pictured on Far Right

I have always exercised, though I’ve never been much of a runner. I did run a short stent of cross –country in high school, and of course did training runs while playing softball in high school. After college and getting married and having kids, I still exercised, though it was usually biking, walking, and lifting weights. I found running to be too hard, and the times I would attempt it, something would start hurting-which I passed off as the fun of the aging process.
Last year, my best friend of almost 30 years started exercising and losing weight. In a year, she has dropped over 100 pounds and exercises every day. While talking with her, I mentioned that we should walk the “Shamrock Shuffle” downtown together-another friend had walked it and said that it was a lot of fun. I can tell you that I was quite amazed when she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Let’s run it.”
Though I groaned at the prospect, I felt I could not let her down. Shortly after Christmas, I found the C25K program on Face Book (couch to 5K), and it set the program up as a nine week session, gradually incorporating running and walking until the entire workout was running. Within the first couple of weeks, I was hooked-and it was easier than I had thought. I won’t tell you there were days that weren’t tough-I still have those days now- but I had also joined a running blog which had members from all over the country and even one from Ireland that I have gotten very close to. We helped and encouraged each other daily, and this was a huge help, not to mention my friends and family who assured me that I could do it.  I was a little concerned as the Shamrock Shuffle is an 8K, but after the C25K program was finished, I added a half mile a week to my training until I was running the 5 miles 3 times weekly the week before the race.
I was fortunate that I didn’t really experience any real injuries-did have a little issue with “runner’s knee” a week or two into the program, but that quickly went away. I gauged my progress by the decreasing amount of Ibuprofen I had to take after running! I can also say that I feel better while running and have definitely experienced the “runner’s high” that everyone talks about-though not every day! It is by far and away the best exercise for your weight as well-within just a few weeks, I lost those last stubborn few pounds that had been hanging around seemingly forever and I feel that I am in the best shape I have ever been-at 48 years old and a grandmother!
Race day was fantastic-the weather was perfect, and my friend and I stayed together for most of the run, though I finished a minute or so before her. My brother, nephew, and sister-in-law also ran the race with us. I have never experienced such a wonderful outpouring of support from our fellow runners as well as observers throughout the course, and of course, our families that came to watch. It was a fantastic feeling to cross that finish line-and not to be anywhere near last!!
Now I will continue to run-the 8K was on my “bucket list” but now I would like to push that to maybe a 10K or a half marathon in the future. There is an 83 year old gentleman who is running Boston next week-so don’t ever think you are too old to be running, or even to start. I promise you that the benefits you reap will be well worth the occasional difficulty-happy running!
I wanted to add that #1 Im *really* glad that I'm not the only one that needs to take aspirin after exercising.  I thought it was just because I am a huffy puffer, but it's nice to know that even skinny in shape people need some pain relief :)   And #2   in case you want to check out Traci's book (and you totally should, because it's awesome)  you can order it through Amazon -  here   (and Traci does not know I am shamelessly plugging her book, but since I'm here and all - and have the platform to spread the word-  I figure why not!  :)  )

Are you training for a race or did you recently complete one?  I'd love to have you share your inspiring story as a guest blogger on See Millie Tri.  Email me at Millie [at] See Millie Tri [dot] com and let me know when your race is.  I would love to share your success with everyone else!    


Lindsay K. said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment and for losing those last few pounds!