Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brutus - The Return

Image from Curious Inkling
As I sit here, on my couch, on Saturday night-  all I can think of is thank goodness I live in a ranch, because honestly I think I would probably just sleep on a couch all night instead of going up stairs.  If the usb cable to connect my body bug wasn't in my office, I would be checking it right now to see how many calories I burned today.

I learned a valuable lesson today though, that before I continue on, I wanted to address.  There is so much information and misinformation out there regarding workouts and what you should or shouldn't be doing before you workout.  I read an article in Shape magazine not more than a week ago, that said if you workout in the morning and on an empty stomach you will burn more calories that if you eat beforehand.  I do this with swimming all the time - mainly because of #1 the whole "dont eat and swim" thing that all of our mothers petrified us with as children  and secondly, eating and then lying facedown in the water causes whatever I ate (even if its something small like a luna bar or protein shake) to pay me a little return visit as I swim.  Ugh its the worst.

Anyhow, I chose to sleep this morning instead of eat.  I did have a luna bar in my purse that I brought with me, but I forgot how to get to Brutus' gym ended up getting lost and forgot all about the bar.

Brutus' style of workouts is to keep the body in constant motion, doing reps of three or four different exercises.  I got through the warm up, finished my squats and was just about to move into the next grouping when I got *really* dizzy.  And had to stop.  I told Brutus about missing breakfast and how usually when I swim Im fine on no breakfast- and he explained the difference between aerobic exercising like swimming and working weights etc like I was currently doing (he used a workouty kinesology sounding word that I have since forgotten so at the risk of misrepresenting what he said, I;ll explain it in a broken down way lol)  But- he said that if you're planning on lifting weights or doing the type of dynamic, constantly moving workouts that we do, that you should be eating a carb and a protein before working out.  So I will definitely NOT be making that mistake again lol

I recovered, but had to tone it down a notch for the rest of the workout.  So, yeah - the workout was a tad dialed down, but definitely still got some form of workout considering that for most of the afternoon I spent cursing the fact that I am a squatter and not a pointer...  ;-)  (the act of sitting down certainly reminds me of just how hard I worked those muscles today)

We talked about focusing more on weightloss vs on Tri specific training.  Though we are still going to incorporate a lot of exercises that will continue to benefit my training in the off chance I feel ready for my event in 8 weeks.

I'm still tossing around the idea of the Run for the Zoo event that Lifetime is sponsoring.  A  5k through Brookfield Zoo sounds like a lot of fun!  I'm going to see how my scheduled Run day goes on Tuesday and decide then.


oh_mg said...

I'm doing a Run for the Zoo this summer too! It's a 5k/10k through Lincoln Park Zoo. It sounds like a lot of fun!

The Tubby Triathlete said...

Im thinking about doing that one too! :) I'll see how the one at Brookfield goes before signing up for the Lincoln Park Zoo one--- because the Brookfield one is a run/walk and seems way more laid back (ie forgiving of slow chubs like me lol) than the Lincoln Park one does