Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Needed! Running Partner- Slow Huffy Puffer Who Also Hates Running, Preferred

In my inbox today was this little nugget from Women's Health Magazine: 6 Reasons You Should Be Running .  And, I get it-  sign number nine billion eight hundred and fifty two.  I know!  I should be running.  If I ever want to actually compete in a tri instead of just participating, I need to be able to run.  But at the weight of a tub, the thought of pounding the pavement isn't really all that appealing to me.  

The article discusses the many benefits of running- from increased calorie burn, less stress, less belly fat, and strengthened joints (which was an interesting tidbit) but still, I don't know why I am so hesitant to get up and go.  Perhaps even while running with the gazelles last year I took it too fast.  Everyone - even the article- says that you really have to ease your way into running.  Maybe I just need to slow it down even more.

My main problem though is that with running, I am completely incapable of pushing myself.  Completely.  Swimming-  no problem, I could push myself time and time and time again, regardless of the pain, discomfort, or how tired it makes me.  Because swimming is my comfort zone.  Biking- I'm not all that able to push myself, but I can definitely keep myself going longer than I can with running.  With running, the second it gets hard or it starts to hurt-  I immediately pull up and start to walk again.

I need a running partner.  Someone who:

1.  Runs slow
2. Does more walking than running
3. Would be willing to run with me on weekdays
4.  Preferably hates running as much as I do... that way, we can learn to love it together :)  Or at least, loathe it together.

Weekends are full between Trainer Brutus on Saturdays  and biking on Sundays.

We'd start out with 30 minute "runs" following the couch to 5k Program.

If anyone wants to be my running buddy, please let me know!


Natasha said...

I wish you lived in Philly! I hate me some runnin. Nobody hates it better than me. ;)

The Tubby Triathlete said...

LOL I don't know about that hahah I think I might be able to go toe to toe with your running hating ;-)
Bah! Chicago to Philly - def too far :'(
We can always keep each other accountable! Though it isnt *quite* the same as having someone to drop F bombs with you as suffer through a run lol

oh_mg said...

I got your message on Twitter a little late ... but I would love to run with you, Millie! I'm booked the next couple of weeks because it's the end of the semester, but after that, I'm totally free on weekdays! Feel free to e-mail me at and we'll make plans some time!

The Tubby Triathlete said...

YAY! I saw your twitter, haven't had a chance to respond yet! Sending you an Email right now!!! :)