Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My New Bike!!!!

This weekend after getting a butt kicking from Brutus, Mr Millie and I headed over to my favorite bike shop  Performance Bicycle.  The plan was to find a bike for Mr. Millie so that he and I could ride together. We had to buy a bike this past weekend because I belong to their loyalty program, and buying a bike this weekend afforded me double reward points.  (woot!)  Mr. Millie received gift cards for his birthday last year, and timing - or lack there of-  delayed his bike purchasing until now.

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm talking about Mr Millie when this is entitled "My Bike".  The plan was for him to buy a road bike, and that I would share it with him and use it during races.  However, after speaking with my friends at Performance Bike, we were informed that road bikes are custom fit to each person.  Because of that, Mr Millie generously gave me his gift cards so that I could buy a road bike for myself.  However, since it was a double points weekend-  we have enough points to get him a bike too!!!  I have to wait for my rewards card to be credited all of my points but a few weeks from now, Mr Millie will have a bike too!  Win ! Win!

But, enough about Mr Millie, and more about my gorgeous new racing bike (no really- love you honey, but this post is about my new beauty)

Here's she is!  My beauty.  The Scattante  R 570 Road Bike.  The only difference between this picture and my new baby is that mine is navy blue not shocking electric blue.

Baby needs a name though.  Originally, because I am apparently color blind,  I was calling her "Pearl"- short for "The Black Pearl"  - because I thought she was black. Looking at her a bit more though, baby is navy- so she needs a new name.  So give me some ideas!!!

I have to go back on Thursday to have her custom fit to me but I took her out for a spin today and she is fabulous!  I can't wait to take her out on the trails and really see what I can do with her. :)

And, thanks of course to my wonderful husband of 7 years (on Sunday) for forgoing a bike for the moment and having me to get one first. <3  love you honey! 


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Matt Smith said...

Awesome, and that is the brand and shop my cyclist friend advised me to go with.

The Tubby Triathlete said...

If you go to Performance Cycle go to the on one 59 in Aurora/Naperville. Ask for Dana. He's my favorite salesperson there. He shoots straight and never tries to upsell you. :)