Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Thing That Sucks About Chicago In the Spring

From LondonerryNews.Com
Sometimes,  I wish I lived somewhere less temperate.  Where the weather was dependable & stable.  First March came in like a lamb, and I thought "this is awesome!"  I can get back on the training band wagon, get my bike out, ride my little heart out & start to run.  Then-  Mother Nature got confused and decided March would go OUT like a Lion instead of coming in like one.  Cold.  Snow.  Sleet.  Snow again.  Sleety Snow.  Sleety Rain.  Rain.  More Rain.  Rain Again.  Cold.  More rain.  Now-  April showers have only brought-  my inability to swim in the mornings (lightning means Millie can't be in the lap pool)  and delayed/shortened or cancelled workouts in the evenings.

Brutus still kicks the snot out of me on Saturdays, and actually as I sit here typing this, my arms are still crying from this past Saturday's beat down.  Which-  funny sidenote-  Brutus had me doing weightlifting on Saturday to prepare me for my upcoming "Show Me Your Guns" challenge.  By the end of the workout, I already knew I was in the weeds.  My arms were so tired it was an effort just to scratch my nose.  By Saturday night (which happened to be Easter Vigil-  also know as the Marathon Mass-  which my choir sings at)  I felt a pain in my arms that I can not even describe.    When Brutus and I started our workout on Saturday, I had completely forgotten that I'm a bell ringer.  As in, I ring bells-  at mass.  I can't even put into an accurate statement the excrutiatingly painful experience that was.  Note to self-  don't work on arms and shoulders, when ringing bells later in the day.

Its now Tuesday night- and my arms are STILL hurting.  Still!  Im hoping to get back to the gym tomorrow.  I woke up this morning again to thunder and lightning so I didn't even bother attempting to drive to the gym.

That is the other problem with having 2 people who work full time and attend school  (and I know I talk about this a lot and I'm really not complaining...)  but between work schedules and school schedules, and trying to be sure that someone is home to let the dogs out, feed them etc before leaving again-  trying to squeeze "gym time" in is SO FLIPPING HARD.  At least when it's not raining- I can come home, let the dogs out hang out with them for a bit then grab my bike and just ride around the neighborhood or slap on my shoes and go for a walk/run (and sometimes even take a dog with me)  but-  when the weather is crap and we're both grasping at straws as the curtain start to close on the term-  finding a spare second just to think- let alone workout-  has become near impossible.

I just wish the damn weather would start cooperating.  Thankfully-  May 2nd is almost here.  May 2nd-  it's the lighthouse I'm anchoring my sanity to.   May 2nd....  almost here....  then, I'm free... at least for a little while.  I can regain my sanity.  Get back into a routine again.  Breathe.  Relax.  Let me brain unwind.  Less than a week-  I can make it.

And, of course, I'm still holding out hope that one of these days I'll wake up to the sounds of birds chirping instead of my sump pump pushing out rain water, and the low rumbling of thunder.


Kelty said...

Good luck with the weather...super inconvenient. I'm glad Brutus is busting your butt still!