Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away, ... No Really, I Mean It.. Go AWAY

Argh stinkin rain. I brought my bike with me this morning (not an easy feat loading my bike by myself into my car at 5:45 on the way to the gym (not to mention planning well enough the following evening to pack swim clothes, work clothes AND gym clothes all in a bag ) so that I could do a bike/run brick after work, before Singing to Jesus at choir practice.

Unfortunately the *(&^)*( rain had other ideas. Sadly my Wednesday nights lack very little time for error as its work, workout, choir. I guess I could have gone to Lifetime to do a simulated ride/run on the machines but of course, I just thought of that now, at 10:00 when I am lamenting about the weather and I didnt think about that then, when I saw it was pouring and I could not ride my bike outside. Sigh, I guess my brain is also fried.

Needless to say, no workout this evening. I guess I have hardcore bricks to look forward to tomorrow night.

I did want to comment briefly again on last nights bike ride. As I was around the course, there was a middle aged man jogging and a woman biking that I kept passing as we looped around the path. I had read in "Triathlon Training for Dummies"- yes, I own it ;-) ... that Triathloners are the most supportive people out on exercise paths, because they recognize that just the effort of getting started is hard enough and the daily commitment is worth celebrating. Anyhow, each time I passed both of these people, they would cheer me on! It was amazing. The jogger would clap for me, and tell me to push through and just one more lap... I don't know if he somehow knew I was training for a Tri or if he was just cheering for me, but it made me smile :) The bike rider lady, clearly a tri-er, would yell "Looking great!" everytime we crossed paths... It is so nice to reminded that there are good and supportive people out in the world.. even total strangers who have no vested interest in whether or not you succeed. I found that the support bug was catching, and a I would cross paths with people, I wouldn't shout "great job" but I woudl smile, say hi, or as I passed someone I would say "lookin good!"

Okay, I know this has been all sunshine and flowers but I do have one mini-soap box to jump up on, since I was just reminded of this...

:begin tangent:

Parents... yes, bike paths are for everyone, children included. And, your little munchkins ARE adorable riding their little training wheeled bikes around the bike loop, their streamers blowing behind them. HOWEVER... (and this goes for the dog walking types also)

It is NOT cute, when you are riding ahead of your child, and your child is either too young to understand the concept, or old enough and it has not yet been explained to them, ... the concept of responsible bike riding and path sharing. When someone says "On your left..." that means that I intend to pass.

The smart thing to do would be to ride with your children IN FRONT of you, and not trailing behind you. If you wanted to get "exercise" then don't do it with your children in tow. When they are behind you, you can not properly watch to make sure that they are not putting themselves in danger, or posing a dangerous situation to others (IE cutting a serious cycler off, forcing them to almost jump their handlebars because they had to stop so quickly to avoid running precious little johnny over as he rode around in circles)

Additionally, hills are very difficult to ascend ... they require build up in speed prior to said hill... therefore it is NOT cute that your child is riding in circles up and down the hill on a scooter, thus cutting off said bike rider, forcing her to do a march of shame up the hill because she did not have enough speed to make it up the steepest part.

Furthermore... it is great that you and the gaggle of neighborhood children, neighbors and dogs all decided to come out and enjoy the nice weather together...more power to you. BUT leash your dogs, AND again, at the risk of sounding redundant, when someone says "ON YOUR LEFT" that typically indicates their intent to pass, which means corral your gaggle of children, pull in the dogs and allow the bikers just a smidgeon of room on the bike path in which to pass you so they can move along at a pace slightly quicker than a snail.

:end tangent:.... you can now return to the regularly scheduled topic.

Anyhow...yay for nice people (based on the above tangent it might appear I am not one of them heehee)

Tomorrow, I will have to kick my own rear end, since it was a miss opporunity tonight.

Two weeks to go. EEEP! to the Nth degree.