Monday, May 10, 2010

A Perfect Reason Why Your Legs Should Always Be Shaved

First and foremost, I want to begin todays blog with

Ok, yay. Now that that is out of my system. It is now time to Bear Down and focus on the task at hand. In less than four weeks, I, Millie the Tubby Triathlete, will be huffing and puffing my way to victory!... of course, I still have a whole lot of training to do. This has riddled me with anxiety, I barely slept last night, waking up every so often just thinking "what on earth did you get yourself into".

Slow Fat Triathlete says at this point in the game (and really I probably should have started it a long long time ago) I should be providing myself constant positive assertions. And not just generalized "you will finish" but, "You are a great swimmer. You have excellent form. This strength will give you the added time you will need to get through the run." "Your legs are strong, this will help you maintain proper cadence during the bike route. This strength will continue and propel you through your run."

She believes that we are only as weak as our minds, and that most of these obstacles are more a battle of will than inability to do them. Especially with as much training as gets put in for this.

My day today started at the pool. I swam somewhere between a 1500 and a 1650. I'm not exactly sure on the final number, because I lost count. I have a lap counter watch, but it being Monday I did not properly pack my bag last night.

I really need to briefly jump on a soapbox for one second and discuss the importance of working out with fins and paddles.(In different rotations, not together, obviously ;-) ) Fins really improve the strength of your stroke. Even if you swim with them and dont increase the amount of pressure you apply, you still get a good workout with them. Now, if you increase the pressue, which increases the intensity, you will get an excellent workout for your arms. Though never swimming in a triathlon before I can't guarantee they will help you come race day, but considering all the conditioning workouts I did for swim team, they always, always pay off come race day. Additionally, fins (especially once specifically designed to make your legs work hard) really strengthen your legs. Not only is this a good benefit in the pool, because who doesn't need the extra oompf from the velocity of a well executed and strong kick? Most people when they get into the swim zone (and I am VERY guilty of this habit) forget to kick and allow your arms to do all the work while your legs drag along at about a quarter of their potential. So imagine how much faster you could go, if you maintained a kick throughout the whole swim leg, and it was an even stronger kick than you usually employ. Results - stupendous!

With my swimming complete I headed to the locker room to start preparing for my day. I discovered that the pants i ordered from Old Navy (which I hastily threw in my bag last night without bothering to look at them) are most likely a size four. I don't know if they are mislabeled, or if they are sized the european way, but they are most definitely NOT my size. I could not even get them past my knee. Thankfully, I work next to a Target. $56.00 later- I have a dress and cardigan to replace the pants/blouse set I was originally planning on wearing today.

Slight problem... Target does not sell plus size pantyhose. A total shock to me, considering they sell plus size clothes. Why on earth would they sell clothes but not pantyhose? So, I'm hose-less today....aaaaaand I haven't shaved in ohhh, maybe three-ish days. Lovely. So, my chicken legs are not only pasty and pale but hairy as well.

Lesson learned, even when showering at the gym, be sure to shave, you never know when you will need it.