Friday, May 28, 2010

The Girl With the Pearl Earrings...and Not All Ironmen are A-Holes

Swim again this morning. Those little seeds of doubt are creeping into my brain... now, along with the fear trolls, little goggle and swim cab clad goblins have join the rankings amongst my fear bonfire.

The pool was PACKED this morning. When I say PACKED, I mean, over and beyond packed. Clearly, it's tri-season based on the amount of people in the water... but there were 4 in a lane in EVERY lane.

So, I was sitting in the "Waiting Area" where I usually sit, patiently, waiting for a lane to open up, resigned to the fact that I would have to share at least with one other person but hoping I wouldn't need to share with more than that. The ones occupying the pool condensed into six in each lane (they must be all part of the same training club) so they opened one free lane. The lady sitting next to me (a really nice woman, who is also doing the sprint tri, who was wearing Pearl Earrings (why she wears pearl earrings to swim, I don't know), but I'll refrain from my typically acerbic comments, because she was nice and I liked her :)

We jump into the open lane and an Ironman asks if he can join as well (EEP!) so the three of us circle swim, Oy.Vey. I'm proud to say that I was able (for the most part) to keep up with Mr Ironman, yeehaw! However, that "oh shit" feeling I get during the first few laps I swim, was over and above pronounced today :( And I know its because of how choppy the water is, but that is what concerns me. There were 23 people in the pool... and the water was so choppy it made my arms feel like they were going to fall off. And that was only with 23.... I can't even begin to imagine how many people are going to be in that pool in 2 ish weeks. If I get tired after a 100 in choppy water with 23 people, how on earth am I going to swim 750 meter in choppy water with way more people than that.

Manic Panic Moment # 2million eight hundred and fifty eight thousand.

The Iron man and I got to chatting during a recovery break. He asked what I was swimming that day, I said it's my light day so twelve hundred. He said it was his light day too... I said oh yeah? What do you swim on a "light day" ohhh a 2500!!!!
Um - eep to the nth degree. "On Sunday." he said, "I'll do a 4000" a FOUR THOUSAND. Holy Hell . Color me impressed.

He asked me about the Sprint Tri and he said that's how he got started, and got bit by the Tri Bug.. now he's doing Ironmans. :-o ! According to him the Sprint tri is "fun, because it's so fast and easy" l.o.l fast and easy for you Mr. point o nine percent body fat. He told me the run portion is "just a light jog around the block"

Oh... yeah just a like "3 mile" "JOG" hahaha

He did tell me though, that I should just tell myself that it's just a jog around the block because mentally it will be easier to keep going than to think "oh my goodness it's three more miles until im finished"

So, yay for getting some good advice, and from an Iron Man of all people. :)

Alright, the day has already catapulted into insanity.

Tonight it's a straight bike, and tomorrow, is my first 30/30/30 brick ... Slow Fat Triathlete said I should have been dedicating my Saturday's to these for the past few weeks now, but Slow Fat Triathlete can suck it, because well I've been busy ;-) So, this Saturday and next Saturday 30/30/30 bricks

'Til next time...