Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lazy Rainy Day

I skipped my swim workout this morning. Mainly, because my workout last night exhausted me... that, and consuming "Five Hour Energy" before my workout, worked well after the five hour advertised time. I didn't fall asleep until well after midnight. When my alarm went off at Five Forty, I decided that swimming is the least of my worries and I could afford to skip a day :)
Well.... and my legs were really sore this morning.

So- this five hour energy stuff. Works really well. Too well probably. And it gives you really strange acid trippy kind of dreams. My dream last night consisted of me taking Goldie Hawn shopping at Macy's to look for a red carpet gown. Of which I chose a beautiful strapless blue dress that matched perfectly the tie and vest of her date (who was NOT Kurt Russel) Then after helping her find her dress, I was not feeling well so she took me to her homeopathic doctor (who was out to lunch when we arrived) . I opened my mouth and discovered my swollen glands were growing at an alarming rate and filled with only what I can describe as fish eggs (little pinkish salmonish colored bubbles multiply twenty fold inside my swollen adnoids. The receptionist at said clinic decided she could do an adjustment for me because she watched the doctor do it plenty of times and tried to "adjust" my facial bones, when it didnt work she hit me upside the face with the butt of her hand... and this is when I woke up. Thank you, "Five Hour Energy" for providing me with the evenings entertainment. However, regardless of the crazy dream, it really did help give me the boost of energy I needed to workout after a long day at work. I flew, and I mean flew around the new bike path I found. I was finished in thirty minutes easily. Though I think the map the Park District puts out is incorrect because there is No Way I did three miles around that path in thirty minutes. Most people can't even run three miles in thirty minutes. And I certainly was NOT running. But regardless of what I walked (i'm guessing somewhere in the 2 mile range) I was expelling crazy amounts of energy and I felt great.

Tonight was supposed to be my super long bike ride, but Mother Nature decided she had other plans for me.. stupid rain. So, instead I am working on my core with my Biggest Loser torture DVD.

I still can't believe how close this Triathlon is. It seems like yesterday that I watched my friend do this and said to myself "I bet I could do this" and, here it is almost time and now I find myself more times than not saying "what was I thinking".

Slow Fat Triathlete says that at this point in the game, physically I am prepared even if I don't believe so. She says that common sense would just point to the fact that when you expel two hours plus exertion every day to train, naturally you are prepared for pactically any form of extended exertion. Its just a mind game at this point and working past your mental brick walls.

So, because this is what Slow Fat Triathlete says... I am engaging daily in postive mental reassertions. Everytime I start to panic about the Tri, I just picture myself running (heheh ok jogging.... ok...walk jogging) across the finish line with everyone cheering, a look of relief washed across my face, as a I tell myself YOU DID IT.... You really did it!

Until tomorrow