Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feeling a Bit Better than Yesterday

So, feedburner is again taking its sweet time to deliver these postings. Today is Tuesday it is 9:15 at night.

I actually stumbled upon a new site, entirely by accident, when looking for new bike paths (which by the way, i found a new bike path, slightly hilly but doable, a nice wide open paved space roughly five or so miles around... I love it)

Anyhow... thanks to my new friends on the new site I found I learned a lot. The searing pain in my rear end, comes from an improper sized seat. I probably am sitting on a seat that is too narrow of my sit - bones (the bottoms of the ishium crest for all you anatomy buffs) . So I just need to find a bike shop that can measure sit bone spacing, and then get a seat that accommadates the spacing of my sit bones. Hopefully it is that easy and it isnt something that is special order. If so well I guess I'll just have to grit through it come race day. I had an awesome ride today. I did roughly ten miles, still not where i need to be mileage wise, but there was a fierce wind out there today as the storm blew in. And in some parts I really pushed my RPM and it felt great.

So, I am cautiosly and I mean extremely cautiously optimistic that maybe possibly I will hopefully be o.k. come race day in the bike department. I had a great swim this morning. Shortnened, because everyone and their brother is in the pool these days. All the Tri's are starting their hard core training so the pool was jam packed. Thankfully I was able to get an open lane around 6:45. And, I completed a 750 (the tri distance) by 7:05 so twenty (?) minutes to complete it, putting about 60% effort into it... and I wanted to get as "authentic" of an experience as possible so I did not push off or flip turn at the walls, I would simply turn around and keep motoring along.

These moments of panic followed by moments of elation are making my head spin. :)

I am not by any account thinking "oh man I have this in the bag" but more at this point thinking "Ok, maybe I wont make a TOTAL ass of myself... perhaps just slightly"

Additionally, I decided what better motivation to keep me going than a little frosting....

Not the sugary lets put on cake kind.. but the delcious, lets decorate ourselves in some *ice* frosting...

I have decided that if I complete the Tri.. as a gift to myself I am going to purchase a piece of jewelery. My husband doesnt know this yet, but my thinking is, since technically, I didn't really get an anniversary gift (well, I bought us tickets to go see a show and "surprised" him for our anniversary....so that was my gift lol)

Anyway, I have decided that this will be my combination Anniversary Present/ Way to Go! You Did It! present.


I'm decking myself out in some Tiffany Frosting.... this is the carrot Im going to dangle in front of myself to get to the finish line.

Come to mama pretty pink sapphire drop earrings.....


Til Tommorrow