Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why yes, I did get my butt kicked by a WII game

Okay- it's been almost a full week since my last post. I stink, I know. But it isn't for lack of working out (well, mostly). It has just been super busy with school, Holy Week, work, working out, that the blog sort of drops on my priority list.

So, thanks to Holy Week and the multitude of masses that the choir sings in, it's fairly hard to come home and really get a good workout in, because of time constraints- and who would want to sit next to a sweaty smelly person during mass- not me... so in consideration for my choir mates, I try to get a shower in before going to mass. Sometimes though, that isn't possible in the amount of time I have and I show up to practice only- in my hoodie and stretchy pants- I'm sure the second row just loves me.

Anyhow- last Wednesday I arrived home, I had a very small amount of time to workout before heading to choir practice. So, I have a WII console (as discussed in previous workouts) so I figured I would use my Biggest Loser for WII game. I told myself "though it won't be a "Great" workout- at least it will be "something" Well, Holy Aching Muscles Batman- if you haven't tried this game- you get one heck of a workout. SO much so that I was sore for FOUR days afterward. I worked out on the "Intermediate" setting thinking that I'm fairly in shape so Intermediate shouldn't be a problem for me. Yeah, totally over estimated my abilities. Half way through, I dropped it down to beginner. I did the "Core" workout, and let me tell you it is not easy. I was sweating and grunting and the next day every time I tried to sit down, shooting pain. So- Wii Fit, Biggest Loser game- well worth it. Major thumbs up.

Today, is Run day. :Cue Rocky Music: I will run without fail today. I WILL move past sixty seconds of running. I will only focus on my music and keep running until the music stops.

As I told my friends yesterday, there are only 11 weeks until the Triathlon. It is Shit or Get off the Pot time.

For other big chested ladies.... I discovered a sports bra in a UK Triathlon Magazine called a "Shock Absorber" apparently, these bras have "Figure 8" technology to hold the girls in taking into consideration all the directions that the twins move. Thankfully, we have a family friend in London (they only ship to the UK) who ordered them for me and shipped them out. I will be trying it tonight and will keep you updated on how well they work.

Til Later

~Millie :)