Monday, April 12, 2010

I Must Have Been Sick the Day They Taught Sharing In PreSchool

This morning- early, ... very early- this morning. The birds decided that I had had plenty of sleep and I really did not need to sleep any longer. Even if it WAS only 4:30. Mental Note- put sleeping pills in bird feeders.

It was far too early to get up and start my day, so I made an attempt to go back to sleep, but between a cat that purrs incessantly, two dogs that somehow have ESP and know when I'm actually asleep and when my eyes are closed, but I can hear them,... it really was useless to attempt it. At like 5:30 I finally could no longer ignore or tolerate my idiot animals, so I began my day. One would figure that getting out of bed earlier than normal, would have afforded me extra "time" so to speak, to get ready and get to the gym. Somehow, those extra minutes were sucked into a black hole, as I still managed to be incapable of leaving my house before six oclock.

Traffic- grr.

Finally made it to the gym, only to discover that either- there are a LOT of people reading my blog other than the eleven that are subscribed... or somehow word got out that the pool is empty in the morning, because BOTH pools- PACKED. Double and tripled up in every bleeping lane. Ohh did that ever make me a very unhappy camper this morning. I didn't get into the pool until almost 7:00 (6:40) so I decided to make the best of my morning workout and see how long it would take me to complete the required distance for the sprint Tri. (750m) I swam 800m in 24 minutes, and that was half-assing it. So, yay me.

Tonight's workout will probably be Core strength (Ie- my biggest loser DVD) I have to tend to the jungle of a backyard, as I told the husband I would do it yesterday and never got to it. This is the problem with two people being in school simultaneously and working long hours (him) and training for a triathlon (me)
Housework never seems to get done. I need a housework fairy. Or, perhaps it's time to just get a cleaning lady. :)

Alright- have a good day peeps!