Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its Just One of Those Days

Its just been one of those kind of days when seemingly everything is working against you. I woke up prepared to go to the pool this morning, only to realize I fell asleep last night before putting my clothes in the dryer (including all five of my swimsuits and all of my towels) scrapped that idea. Then I thought, OK when I get home, I'll grab my bike and I'll have a nice long ride instead. Well, my husband needed me to run to his school to pickup his new book, because he has the big whigs from corporate in his office this week and he wouldn't make it out to the bookstore before it closed at six. So, I race over there - get the book and then sit in stop and go traffic for an hour and twenty. OK I say, I can still get a good ride in before the sun goes down. I run into the house feed the dogs real fast and make a mad dash for my bedroom to change into some stretchy pants and a hoodie for my run. - and remember that all those wet clothes are still in the washing machine- and of course they also contain my workout pants. And yes I only own one pair. I refuse to buy another pair until I drop a size ... I refuse to enable myself into staying this heavy anymore. Buying any more clothes in this size will only encourage me to stay this size. So, one pair of workout pants it is.

The bike guy lectured me on the dangers of biking with pants that could possibly catch in the peddles, so I was afraid to bike in sweatpants. OK I figure- I'll just get a workout in on my WII instead. I turn it on, Batteries in the balance board are dead. -Figures- run around the house looking for batteries because of course Im not organized enough to keep them in one convenient location like a kitchen drawer. We have no batteries- So I steal them from my bedroom remotes (which reminds me ill need to put those back again). I get on- it yells at me saying I havent been on forever and oh im such a pudge and the whole "who are you" bit and "its been so long since youve been on, I have a hard time remembering" Ha Ha Wii Fit- but today is NOT the day.

Im about to start my run through the park when "the WII has lost communication with the remote, please dock it on the charging station to recharge it" are you BLEEPING kidding me !?!?!? Now I know that those people who had WII remotes through their plasma TV's that the news always talk about- didn't get them because they were over zealous with their game play- they threw them at the TV after a never ending string of ridiculousness.

So, now, instead- I sit ... and sulk. it 7:30 I havent even thought about dinner yet (because I was just going to "do a quick workout" before I started dinner. And of course I have the always present homework looming over my head. On the docket tonight a long involved paper on the meaning of life in Cormac McCarthy's "The Road".. oh joy.

I'm going to just chalk today up to Bad Day - 1 Millie - 0 and get a fresh start tomorrow. Clearly, my clothes will all be freshly laundered and dried in preparation for tomorrow morning's swim and will be better prepared tomorrow night for my run.

I have made a new mix for my run days with what I have decided to call "Interval Training" I have downloaded some sound effects that will signal me at "random" times during my workout to start running - followed by 2-4 minutes of really fast music with which I will run to. and then when the music changes go back to walking for a song and then back to running again... and repeat over and over again for 45 minutes. We'll see how much easier it is to "push myself" when there isn't really a landmark in front of me to focus on .. and its an auditory signal instead. Hopefully this will prevent the ole brain from stopping my feet from propelling past one block.

I'll keep ya posted on whether or not it works! Ive got to start upping my running. With only 10 weeks now until the Tri, I am grossly behind the 8 ball :(