Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jumping Sumo Squats- I loathe thee

For those of you who have my feeds delivered to your email- Feedburner has a massive delay (like 24 hours) so, things I write on say Wednesday morning, you aren't receiving until Thursday night. *shakes fist* stinkin' Feedburner - just an FYI.

So, it is THURSDAY night as I am writing this.

Tonight, thanks to busting my tail and well, not getting a whole lot of sleep last night when I returned from choir- I have now managed to get a ahead in two of my three classes. So I can put a bit more focus after work to working out.

Tonight, I worked on my core and then biking. For those who scoff at my biggest loser workout on Wii (not that I am aware of any public scoffing, but just in case you are) I am NOT kidding you at how difficult this thing is. I sweat and grunt and actually have to stop occasionally to catch my breath as Im doing it. I decided that I shouldn't wussy out and just do the "Intermediate" core routine instead of doing the beginner just because I don't like the discomfort of actually having to work harder than my potential. I bit the bullet and did the intermediate. Um- ouch! There isn't *much* of a difference between the intermediate and the beginner as far as time spent working out (30 minutes, well technically 28) but it's the types of execrises that differentiate the two.

In the intermediate, which I did tonight, I was introduced to "Jumping Sumo Squats"... a move in which you do a jumping jack, and on the return instead of bring your legs together, you are extending them outward into a deep squat, then jumping up like a jumping jack and repeat. Not easy. Not even intermediately easy. Those effers are HARD! As well are the "Mountain Climbers" in which you alternately bounce from leg to leg (lifting them chest high) while you I guess "monkey" your arms as if you were climbing up a tree. Two sets of those (by 2, because you repeat the entire circuit twice) and I was sweating, gasping and cursing. I know I'm going to be all kinds of hurting in the morning...and probably into the weekend. The only plus side, is that I know in the long run, all of these strengthening exercises are only going to help my stamina and endurance come race day. Plus, make me look not so- well -tubby in my dead sexy unitard type swim suit.

After catching my breath, guzzling some water, and once the thundering in my ears stopped, I headed out for a bike ride. I had intended on doing a six mile ride, just around the neighborhood, but on the third turn up the mini-hill into the next subdivision, my thighs decided to stop working. So, I called it quits. My main concern is continuing with at least an hours worth of training a day (since I lost my morning swim until Monday) then it will be back to two hours a day from now until race day.

I have also given up on any fantasies that I will be running the "run" leg of the triathlon. There just is no way. I am having so many problems with my foot that I will just be glad to do a "Silver Streaker" walk for three miles.

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