Friday, January 29, 2010

Greek Yogurt, Gossip Girls. Rest Days and Sore Legs

Ok, first- before I forget. I've never eaten Greek Yogurt before. I bought one at Trader Joe's last weekend (yes, just one- because I didn't want to me mad I'd wasted my money if i bought a whole mess of them and then ended up not liking them) We grocery shop on Saturday's so that sad little Greek Yogurt has been patiently waiting it's turn every morning, getting passed over time and time again. The pitiful bridesmaid yogurt to the Dannon Light & Fit bride yogurt that was chosen every day before it.
Finally, this morning, deplete of any other choice But the greek yogurt, I broke down and tried it.

I must say, the consistency threw me off for a second or two. But it actually isn't bad. And for 14 grams of Protein per serving (I know, I was blown away too!) it's totally worth it to me to try it. Ive been so good this week with preplanning and making sure that all of my food choices were wise, and healthy. I have had no processed sugar at ALL this week. (yay me) and with the execption of one Diet Dr Pepper with lunch, everything else was thumbs up food wise. :)

So, I heard through the grapevine, that there are some people that I went to school with (whom I haven't talked to SINCE high school save the brief Facebook exchange when they friended me to scope my profile). I have heard that some of these people- who were never even friends with me to begin with- seem to have taken a vested interest in my training. And, not in a good way. Apparently this group of pitifully catty "mean girls" have decided to make repeated jokes regarding my efforts. It's like, seriously- have I time warped back to 1994 again? I didnt realize we're suddenly 16 and back in high school again. I mean my god- most of you are married, with kids, living in houses three times the size of mine, driving cars worth double my annual salary (ok double is a bit melo dramatic but seriously more than I would ever want to spend on a car), they run their marathons and post their pictures on facebook and all pat eachother on the back, and yet they feel the need to use me as fodder for their gossip? Who am I to any of them?

In the grand scheme of things- these people do not even register on my radar. I couldn't care less what they do day to day- so why in the world do they care what I do? What do they gain from tearing me down?

The old me, would be crushed by crap like this. I would spend days, even weeks, wondering why they didnt like me, or what I did to suddenly make myself the focus of their ridicule. But honestly, I'm SO over it. Apparently some people never leave high school- they hold tightly to their "Glory Days" when they were actually somebody. I think its more the size of the school than the school itself. I mean when you go to a small school the people you talk to talk to other people who are friends with said haters.... Im sure people who go to big huge schools where there are hundreds in their class have people who gossip about them and they never even know about it.

Let them talk- haters are always gonna hate- I guess I should be honored that they feel so threatened by what Im trying to accomplish for myself that they feel the need to make fun of it.

That's fine. Bring it I say- all your BS is only more motivation for me to swim that extra 100 when I feel like there is lead in my arms.... or spend an extra ten on the treadmill when I don't think I have anytthing left..... and these bitches have lit the fire fully under my rear end- and I will not walk sheepishly into Spin Class on monday, but rather charge in there and make myself the best I can.

And... next fall- when the alumni magazine comes out... there will be a picture of me crossing the finish line wearing a Tshirt that says "Suck It" with me giving them the double finger.

Ok- maybe not the last part (mainly because its a Catholic school- I doubt they'd publish a picture of me flipping the bird with a Tshirt that read "Suck It") but it would be cool wouldn't it ? :)

Tomorrow is a rest day- thank goodness because I am so sore. I feel great otherwise, but I'm glad that these couch to sprint programs have rest days programmed in- and they are so right I really super need it.

OH- on a side note. So there was this discussion on the Beginner Triathlete site today regarding swimming and "improving swim times" Being a swimmer, I felt I could contribute to the discussion with my experience. The question was regarding getting faster and whether or not taking less recovery time (ie breaks in between sets of laps) and swimming full effort repeatedly would help to improve splits. I told him that the better thing to do would be to extend the length of sets- ie swimming a 150 instead of a 100 or doing 10 sets of 100's instead of 8 sets of 100's ... and extend the amount of laps he did and once the stamina was built the speed would follow.

Everyone else was under the impression and all agreed with each other that it would be better for him to reduce his recovery time and swim full out for a length of time to improve his speed.

I personally don't agree with this sentiment- as the key to speed in any sport is stamina and not necessarily repeatedly drilling yourself over and over again in short bursts. That would be like if a runner trained only in 40's . Maybe that is the difference between seasoned swimmer and a triathlete. Triathletes are just trying to get by ( I mean I too am guilty with this on the run leg- I'm sure a seasoned runner would have better ways for me to better my run as opposed to the couch to 5k plan)

But everyone loudly disagreed with me. So- whatev. I just wanted someone to know that I still think I'm right.

Anyhow a nice relaxing non exercise day is ahead of me tomorrow. Yay!

Have a great weekend!