Monday, February 1, 2010

Haters Hate On

So my MB suggested after my previous post that I should get "Haters Hate On" from GLEE through ITunes. I decided to take it one step further than that. I typed "Hater" into the ITUNES search and you would be shocked at how many songs (I use the word loosely) about haters there are. Many of them are rap songs... but a few hours and about twenty dollars later I have a whole new mix to keep me motivated. I call my mix "Haters Hate On". My mix is as follows:

Hate On Haters- GLEE
Haters Everywhere We Go- b.o.b.
Blind To You Haters- collie buddz
Hi Haters- maino
Haters- lil wayne
Haters- young buck
Haters- hillary duff
Haters- young jeezy feat lil jon
I Got me Some Haters- soulja boy
Haters Wish- rich boy
Haters- Jay Z
Haters Hate Me- Kanye West

So needless to say, there is apparenty a whole lot of hating going on in the world :)

And let me say, as much as I can't get "into" the mix- ie the songs really aren't all my cup of tea - it still kept me pretty motvated today.

Spin class was full (twenty five minutes before class!) so I have to try for Thursday's class. So instead I did my usual 30 minute swim 30 minute bike. I am actually really super excited for myself.

My 30 minute swim was 800 Meters my 30 Minute bike was 10.89 miles. I googled how far 22K is and its roughly 13 miles. So I'm just a few miles short of the total bike ride. 800 Meters is just slightly over what will be expected on TRI day (750 meters)

So, in an hour- I managed to almost be right on target for the triathlon. Yes- huffy puffy me! And, I feel great! Tonight's exercise has me feeling fairly confident that come tri day Ill be pretty good in at least 2 of the events. Now we just need to get that running up to snuff.

I bought some new running shoes over the weekend, on my rest day. I actually went to a running store and asked them for suggestions on what I should use as a begining runner with a problem ankle, problem knees and over pronation. THe lady gave me a look like "and you're doing this to yourself because...." anyhow- I had it narrowed down to 2 contenders. A Nike Shoe and a New Balance shoe. I really wanted it to be the New Balance shoe- but as supportive as the "cage" (?) was around my foot, it just ddn't have any cush to it. The nike shoes felt supportive around the ankle and like I am walking on clouds. And- it has this neato feature that syncs with my IPOD ( I broke down and spent the extra 30 bucks on the software)

I'm sure in a few months I'm going to need another pair of shoes again before the TRI, who knows maybe by then the New Balance will work then. So Ive attached a picture of my pretty new shoes (the stock photo is pink, but mine are purple :) )

They are the Nike Pegasus and they are super comfy! Once I finish posting here, I am going to head over to the Triathlon site and sign up. It will be no turning back then! :)

Tomorrow is run day- I get to try out the new shoes.

~Millie :)