Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Years Resolvers & Valet Parking

So, I understand that everyone has to start at a gyn sometime, and that everyone at one time or another was a "newcomer" to the gym. However, when I joined THIS gym, I joined in the summer time. When I joined the Y previous to this gym, I joined in the summer time. Never, and I mean never, join a gym, if you're serious about working out, in the winter.

Yeah, I know they are offering "No Joiner Fees" right now- but they offer them all year round. They'll do it again in March and then probably again right before summer starts- like Memorial Day weekend.

People who join the gym in January typically get automatically labeled "Resolvers" and most in the gym either privately in their heads, or publicly with others in the class or area of the gym you are in, are taking bets on how long you last before you drop out.

The gyn is chocked full of them. So full in fact, that the "Valet Parking" sign was out in front of the gym today, so that the precious people wouldn't have to exert themselves, before going into the gym to exert themselves. (well- and it's really cold today, so I guess I'll spare passing judgement for the day- well, actually, I lied- I'll still pass judgement on you, just privately in my head, and not in my blog (lazy asses) ... oops, too late.

So, thanks to this influx of newcomers- there was actually an honest to goodness LINE for machines. Thankfully, I don't mind riding the old school bikes (the ones that sit straight up and don't have fancy TV's on them) so my wait was short (about ten minutes).... everything went fine on the bike. It was only 20 minutes, a short bike day because it was supposed to be a bike/swim day.

Unfortunately- the stupid pool was full of kids again! I don't understand this Lifetime! You have TWO POOLS. WHY do you insist on holding childrens swim lessons in the lap pool!?!?! Yeah great it's open family swim time in the other pool- there is stil PLENTY of room to do both at the same time.

Why reduce the lap lanes to two- when clearly judging by the amount of people WAITING for LANES - that lap swimming is immensly popular with the afterwork crowd?!?

And, don't even get me started on the muscle men. I don't know if it's the self-entitlement of the suburb I'm in, or if it's just that Triathlete/Iron men are that full of themselves, but they do NOT obey the unwritten rule of waiting patiently by the hot tub until a lane opens up. They just cut ahead of everyone and jump into a lane- they don't even care if there are already two people in the lane- they'll just muscle their way in and hope that someone leaves just because they are intimidated (which someone usually does, because who wants some ginormous muscle man swimming up your rear end every lap)

So needless to say- no swim workout for me today. In a way I'm not overly concerned because, swimming is my strongest and considering I swim about 2200 in an hour, doing that leg of the Tri isn't what is concerning me. But on the other hand it does bother me because I only worked out for twenty minutes today.

It is so frustrating. It almost makes me want to go back to the Y. There are pluses and minuses for both the Y and Lifetime, but at least at the Y the pool was warm, there was 8 lanes plus an open area for the water aerobics people, it's the same price, but the Y isn't as convenient as Lifetime is, especially after work.

What a dilema. I really wish someone would just open a swim club somewhere that was pool specific, was open early in the morning until like 9 at night and didn't allow kids. Is that really too much to ask?

Anyhow- tomorrow is another bike/swim day. The front desk people suggested I try coming in the morning. He told me that no one is in the pool and 630 - 700

I'm debating on whether or not I want to jump into a frigid pool at 630 in the morning.