Thursday, January 28, 2010

Millie- The Silver Streaker

Yesterday was a swim/bike day, but it snowed (again) so I went straight home
and worked out on the Treadmill. Gustav was NOT happy about it, let me tell you.
So unhappy in fact, he stayed silent all through my workout.
So, it was just me on my own. In my defense, there is a reason that it becomes
ridiculously difficult to get to the gym on days when the roads are bad.
The lovely city in which I work, though the boast an enormous population of
McMansions, apparently doesn't deem it necessary to spend its abundance of tax dollarson it's streets. They are rarely ever plowed or salted when it snows, and don't even get me started on the potholes large enough to swallow a small tribe of nomads (not that nomands frequent these parts, but trust me, the potholes are huge)
Anyhow, to get to my gym, one would need to make an unprotected left hand turn
across a four lane divided highway. This is not the easiest task to complete on a good weather day, throw in slippery roads and bad conditions and it's suicide.
So, when the weather is like this, I find it better/ safer to just make my right hand turn head home and work on my treadmill instead.

I'm actually quite proud of myself, I did an entire treadmill workout without holding onto the handlebars once. Grandted- I was walking at a 2.5 with no incline, but to be able to keep my balance and not "slip" on the treadmill is a really big deal for me. I actually found that if you keep your arms up by your chest, it really does help keep you centered.
Which, is ironic to me, because those are usually the people I am watching and wondering if they realize how silly they look. So I guess I will now be one of those "silly" people

At this pace, which I call my "fist pumping speed walk", I'm good to go with the "Silver Streakers. Just get me one of those "Nana's Angels" Tshirts decorated with Puffy Paints, a sweatband for my forehead,and an old school radio head set.

So, my days are all screwed up. I know. But they're going to have to shuffle a bit anyway. There have been a handful of people, from friends who are personal trainers, to friends who have competed in Tri's previous, to people on the Beginner Triathlete site who keep touting the benefits of a Spin Class for Triathlon trainers. So Im going to sign up for a Spin Class :eep!- super huge, enormous, EEP! with a capital E and an exclamation point: I hate more than anything looking like a schmuck. I am petrified of taking a spin class.
But, I'm going to do it- even if I look horrible. Even if all people can stare at through the whole class is the jiggle when I wiggle. I'm told it can be as intense or as moderate as you choose so hopefully I can hack this. I have known for sometime I would have to eventually overcome my fear of spin class. I am way too easy on myself when it comes to bike riding
on my own. And I know in order to really get the most out of the bike leg, Im going to have to develop the muscles needed for that leg (not to mention, when I go bike shopping next month, I want to actually be able to get on a bike and cycle around to try them out without looking like a total A hole in front of the sales person) So- Spin class. Next week.
Boy oh Boy am I skeeeered!