Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Perfect Example Of "Anything Is Possible"

When you buy a bike from a speciality bike store, you typically get a free subscription to some form of bicycling magazine as well. I get a physical copy of Bike Magazine every month, and my dad gets the Digital Copy of Bicycling Magazine. So, he forwards me his issue every month. I just checked my email a few minutes ago, and was looking for a brief distraction from working, and found this article


If this doesn't prove that anyone is capable of so much more than they believe themselves to be, I don't know what does. To briefly summarzie (but I HIGHLY suggest you read the article, because it is just THAT inspirational) this man was Five Hundred Pounds and practically immobile, looking out his window one day and sees a middle aged man riding a bicycle and decides that he wants to try it. But, because of his weight, he can't ride a standard bike, so he finds someone to craft one to hold up to his five hundred pound frame.

After finding a bike, he begins the slow and steady journey, one bike mile at a time, towards getting healthy. Now, four or so years later, he weighs an astonishing 180 something pounds and logs more than TWENTY THOUSAND miles on his bike every year.

If a man who weighs five hundred pounds can start such an amazing journey, surely you can too. Maybe it's a five k, maybe it's to join a volleyball league, or perhaps even try a Triathlon! Whatever it is, you are FULLY CAPABLE of achieving it, you just need to believe that you can!

'Til Next Time,