Thursday, November 18, 2010

What To Do In The "Off Season"

:Throws Confetti:

This is my 100th Post on this blog! Wow- too bad its not something more exciting than more of the same. I guess I could make something up and be all like "Hey everyone, in honor of my hundredth post, I ran a MARATHON, Barefoot, UPHILL, In the SNOW" bout THEM apples.

But alas, when you were done laughing hysterically and wiping the tears from your eyes picturing me, the huffy puffer who can't even run a 5K without getting injured, doing a full Marathon- yes it is quite a funny thought.. I'll briefly pause so you can recompose yourselves before continuing on with my point.

Good.. got it out of your system now? yeah thought so...

So, since clearly pretending to do something phenomenal just to make the milestone more memorable doesn't do anyone any good. So, no pomp and circumstance here, just more of the same.

The OFFSEASON.... technically, we've been in the "Off season" since September... except instead of "off season" mine has turned into "sit on your lazy bum and get fat season"

Ok, not entirely, I *did* do a 5K.. but I'm certainly not doing what I should be in the off season, which is continuing to train.

According to a great Triathlete website called Tri Fuel (here is a link to the article:

We should be doing strength training and developing our core muscles over the winter to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

Since Training will begin again in just a few short months, I am grossly behind in my "off season" training.

Some time ago, I researched Strength Training workouts for budding Triathletes such as myself, and this book :

Srength Training for Triathles by Patrick Hagermann

I actually own this book (with now has a gorgeous about 2 cm thick coating of dust on it, and hasn't moved from it's sacred spot on my dining room table- thus simultaneously also demonstrating just how much use the diniing room table gets for activities other than storing, stacking, and sorting)

I do have it though, and intend to use it in the upcoming few weeks. At that time, I will be happy to provide you with my opinion.

I am also on the lookout for a Spin DVD that I can use with my Indoor Spin Bike in the winter months and would love to hear some suggestions. I will purchase whatever is suggested to me, and will willingly be the guinea pig for anyone else in the market for indoor spin DVD's.

So- Happy 100 posts to me... wish it was a more exciting post!

To the next 100 !