Wednesday, November 3, 2010

D-Day is Fast Approaching

I am so screwed. And seriously. I’m not even kidding in any way shape or form this time. This isn’t the typical, couple days before the big race freak-out under valuing my abilities. No… I am Pucked- with a capital F.

I received my bib confirmation and all the rest of the information necessary for packet pickup. Within all that information parking, start time, etc etc was a little teensy thorn in my proverbial side. Fifteen Minute Mile- Maximum.

Um, fifteen minutes? To all you runners out there, I’m sure you’re like “jeez you can walk a fifteen minute mile” but to a huffy puffer like me… a fifteen minute mile is as practically unattainable as a pair of 7 Jeans. (Neither can be achieved without massive amounts of weight loss- for the non-fashionistas that didn’t quite connect the two)

When I run for running club, we just run and walk for an hour. Once finished, we head back to the store, stretch, and go home. She never says “ok, what we did tonight was at a x mile/minute pace” And, considering that the rest of the running group could have showered, changed, and put a roast in the oven, between the time they arrive back at the store and the time I arrive back at the store. I know my pace is much much slower than a fifteen minute mile. The OTHER reason I know this.. is that on “off” days (before my school schedule derailed me anyhow) I was working on the Elliptical Machine to increase my stamina.

I worked on it for thirty minutes. And in that thirty-minute time span, I went a mile and a half. So, I have a TWENTY-minute mile pace. What’s going to happen? Are the fifteen-minute mile police going to come out, guns drawn, whistles blowing, and force me off the course? Is there going to be a blaring siren screaming “Move it or lose it tub” Or, is the fifteen minute mile merely a “suggestion” and not quite enforced?

I guess, I’ll be able to provide this answer to you in less than 2 days. and D day fast approaches. Have I mentioned how much I hate running?

IN other news… I’m thinking of cancelling my membership to Lifetime (the freezing cold pool just does not appeal to me whatsoever with the winter months fast approaching) and considering joining the fitness center at the hospital. I hear their lap lanes are less crowded and *da daaa da daaaaaa * they have an indoor running track! So, all winter long, I could go around that track at my own pace, without feeling like the lonely loser that everyone leaves behid on running outings. I just need to find the time to go over there and meet with someone and figure out how much it costs – Big gulp- because Ive heard it’s expensive.

I really hate to blog and dash, but this Gumby is being pulled in far too many directions these days, and I have miles and miles to go before I wake… not literal miles today anyway (thank God) just literary miles.

Til next time!