Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why A Triathlon?

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! Hopefully your Thanksgiving was full of everything you love and enjoy. The bulk of my weekend so far unfortunately has been dealing with a broken car (still no diagnosis on what is wrong with it) and homework. Being an almost full time student and working full time, has forced me into an almost completely sedentary lifestyle since the Hot Chocolate 5K, but in a week, once all these projects and papers are turned in and I have closed the book on another semester, that will change. However, I get asked a lot "why of all things, did you choose a Triathlon"

The reason is multi-tiered. I am a self-admitted reality show junkie. Though, my frenetic daily schedule has forced me to scale back to almost nothing (I just can't seem to let go of America's Next Top Model, The Apprentice or Project Runway- thank God for TIVO) this weekend, while resting my brain I caught some episodes of Giuliana and Bill ( if you are scratching your head on this one.. Giuliana is a host on E! and Bill Rancic was the winner of the 1st season of The Apprentice now they are married and live in Chicago (most of the time)

Anyhow, this season chronicles their struggles to conceive and all the procedures that she has gone through (failed IUI and an IVF that resulted in a miscarriage) - in a recent episode she decided that she wanted to participate in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Chicago. And when people asked her why she did it, she wanted to do something that she was in control of, after having gone through so many procedures where you are at the mercy of doctors, your body, and Mother Nature.

I could relate 100% to what she was saying and for me, that was part of it. I am just so sick of people telling me that I can't do something.

I can't get pregnant because I have an Endocrine Disorder which has put my hormones so out of whack that it makes it near impossible to lose weight. But in order for my hormones to try and rebalance themselves, I need to lose weight. And if I want any hope of having a successful IVF (especially since now I have to shell out twenty thousand dollars of my own money to do it- don't even get me started on Health Insurance Catch 22's) I need to lose weight. - I am so wrapped up in Catch 22's and impossibilities and big fat NO signs everywhere I turn, that I just reached a boiling point. My life has been filled with so many "I Can't"s that I wanted to take life by the balls, spit in its face and scream at it that I WILL!

I needed to get into shape and lose weight anyway and after having been inspired by the participants in the 2009 Women's Triathlon, I figured- why not? I'm a good swimmer, Ive been swimming on a team since I was a kid. I figured that biking would be something easily attainable, so the only crux for me would be the run. And from that little seed of inspiration grew a tree, and that tree dug its roots in firmly, and is ready to continue to grow.

Now, I just need to pass along those seeds of inspiration, and together we can build and inspiration forrest. People email me or tell me in person "don't be offended (these have become my least favorite words in the whole world) - but after hearing that YOU did a triathlon, I figured, well if she can do it, so can I"

And, it doesn't offend me... well, ok maybe it hurts my feelings a little bit, but it's more the whole "dont be offended, but Im going to say something offensive but I really mean something nice by it" mentality. To clarify, I want people to be inspired to do a triathlon (or whatever goal they have- 5k, joining a gym, or even taking a walk around the block after dinner) because they realize what can come from taking the first step. Not thinking "well if that tub can do a triathlon surely I can" - but, if that's whats gonna inspire you, so be it, but the judgement does sting a bit... so if this is the case, perhaps soften the delivery :)

But, my purpose for the blog isn't for fame, or to become the next "Julie & Julia" (though I totally would Not pass up the opportunity to meet Matt Lauer <3 :o) <3 <--- that's me, swooning...

The purpose of the blog is to inspire. I want you to know that you are capable of so many things that you think are unacheivable. If you set your sights on a target, and you work towards that goal with honest intention and determination, you will NEVER be a failure.

What is thought to be IMpossible, IS POSSIBLE.

So, what goals are you going to set your sights on today?