Thursday, November 4, 2010


Upon the suggestion of a few, I am going to try running with Rocktape, instead of my traditional Cho-Pat Knee and Ankle supports. The main reason for the switch - though Cho Pat gives my knee the support that I need, it doesn't like to stay in place, so I'm constantly having to stop to pull it up and/or adjust it. Additionally, unless I pull it so tight that my leg practically tingles, the velcro continues to loosen the longer I use it.

It isn't cheap (about twenty bucks) but if it works (and it says it's water proof so that would be great for Tri Season) then it will be well worth the investment. I've watched a few videos on RockTapes website on how to apply the tape, so lets hope I do it right- because if there is a way to totally screw it up in application, I will somehow find the way. I'm not 100% comfortable with switching to something entirely new on race day, as I like to stay set in what I typically use... but it came highly recommended by a trainer friend of mine- so I'm going to roll with it.

Less than a day left. My bib and cool swag were picked up for me today by my Dad, so I am race ready (in the technical participant aspect)... the physically fit aspect, yeah... I am fairly certain that I will be in a world of hurt come Saturday morning. But hey, at least if personal success, accomplishing my goals, sticking to it and not giving up aren't motivation enough for me race day,... perhaps the promise of delicious chocolate will be :)

'Til next time!

~Millie :)