Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm A Rockstar- RockTape Said So!!!

A little over a week ago, I was contacted via my blog email : by RockTape. In case you dont know what ROCKTAPE is- you can check out their website but simply- it's athletic tape (the technical term is kinseology tape) that can be used in place of wearing support braces on your joints. I talked about using them at the Hot Chocolate 5k and apparently, someone from Rocktape was reading because they sent me a "You Are A Rockstar!" package !!!

I am so humbled, and honored that anyone (let alone someone at a huge company like Rocktape) reads my musings.

So, they provided me with SO much Rocktape that I'm going to have a little contest. My spin bike is sharing a room with Gustav, my masochistic treadmill... and Gustav requires that all pieces of exercise equipment that share a room with him, must have a name. So, my Spin Bike needs a name. For a while, he's been Dieter but he doesn't seem like a Dieter. I called him Adolf for a while, but Adolf doesn't seem fitting either.

Give me some suggestions via my Facebook page (See Millie Tri) my email or Twitter @seemillietri

I'll send some Rocktape Samples to whomever sends me the winning name :) The contest will go through next Tuesday the 14th. One can't properly be abused by a piece of equipment without a good name!

Til next time!