Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Yes, That IS a Naperville Women's Tri Cap I'm Sporting This Morning

I now remember, however, why I switched to Silicone caps in the first place. Latex caps are restrictingly tight- they bind at your forehead and pull the teeny tiny neck hairs out as you are swimming. Halfway through my swim, as much as I wanted to keep the cap on, for prides sake- I had to take it off and switch back to my Slicone cap. (TYR in hot pink) Another thing to add to the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down list. Silicone Caps- Thumbs Up Latex Caps- Thumbs down.

Well, it was most definitely painful getting back in the water today. I think I barely crossed the 1000m mark. And even that was a struggle. But, swimming stamina builds very quickly so I am not concerned in the least bit.

After reading cover to cover, Jillian Michaels "Master Your Metabolism" I am armed with a plethora of information regarding toxic environments, and how they mess up your endocrine system. Things as seemingly harmless as Plastic Containers, and pesticides are doing a number on our systems. Not to mention processed foods, and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) - ie Super Plants...(which most of the time you don't even know you are eating!)

She provided a very interesting example... she said that you need to think of food like someone in a foreign country. Processed foods would be like the tourist that doesn't speak the language but gets their point across somehow by making hand signals or pointing... the person isn't being understood, but they make do. And that is what our bodies do with processed foods... our body doesn't quite know how to handle and interpret them, but we make do. INteresting way of putting it, but it makes total sense.

Another interesting point that Ms. Michaels discussed was how many hormones are in the foods we eat- from our dairy (our milk cows are fed hormones and antibiotics to keep their milk up long after nature would have had their udders dry up) and those hormones are passed on to the consumer. They are also in the meat that people (myself excluded) eat and are even in things like Ranch Dressing, Granola Bars, Shampoo's, Makeup, places you would never even think that they would be.

I would highly suggest checking out her book. What she says makes a lot of sense. And, even though she is very Organic-centric...she is also a realist when it comes to living a totally organic lifestyle. Obviously most people don't have the expendable incomes to shop entirely at say a Whole Foods, but she lays it out very simply on things that Should be purchased there and things that can do without.

So, this past weekend, I purged my kitchen, went to Whole Foods (which I have aptly dubbed "whole paycheck" and am going to try being as clean, organic, and chemical free as humanly possible. I'm going to give it one month to start. We'll see if I feel any different or see any signifcant changes hormonally in that time (well and of course the weightloss would be a plus as well)

I am going to follow her "Master" plan until Triathlon time. I also do still intend on joining weight watchers. I was going to go after work yesterday but realized that I would be joining and then not able to attend next weeks meeting because of the 4th of July and being out of town. So, that is the plan for tomorrow.

Until then...

~Millie :)