Saturday, June 12, 2010

Courage Is Not Action Without Fear, Rather Action In Spite of Fear

Tomorrow is almost here. My bags are packed. My gatorade is chilling in the freezer. It looks like tomorrow is going to be a hot one. Lets hope the rain stays away long enough for us to get our race on! My biggest concern, still remains the bike. Im not going to make any excuses, it is what it is at this point. Hopefully the hills do not get the better of me. I can only have faith at this point, faith in myself, faith in my training and of course, faith in the big guy upstairs, that I will make it through this. I know I will. Whatever doubt I have is merely all the fear manifesting itself. I had a really cute tshirt all prepared with a little rockstar emblem on the front and my website on the back... but as I was ironing on the stuff on the back, apparently it affected the logo on the front and it got all messed up. Thankfully, I purchased 2 of the same orange shirts. So now, instead I'll just be wearing a plain, boring, orange shirt. Oh well.

Anyhow, whatever tomorrow holds- triumph or failure, I know that its in the journey and not in the destination in which I can measure my success..and that even if I "fail" tomorrow by racing standards, I am already a winner in so many aspects. I have great friends and family who have held me up in support for months, and on the darkest days when I didn't think this was possible, they would carry the torch for me. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I am such a better person because of this journey.

Looking towards tomorrow with hope and expectation.... (ok and still a lot of fear... but I'm managing it)