Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yesterday was a bad day

It started off ok. It was a swim morning, and everything went as it should. Usually, I get to work fairly early and do a blog before work starts, but unfortunately I hit the ground running as soon as I walked in the door, making it impossible to blog all day. It was a crap day. Busy, shorthanded, and just all around a crap day. My lab has allergies, which resulted in a yeast infection in his ears. Over the weekend his ears swelled, and I had to bring him into the vet yesterday after work. Apparently the whole world is out of school now, and getting the eight miles from my work to home took me well over an hour, thus missing my vet appointment (we have attempt # 2 this afternoon). I got home late, was infuriated when I walked through the door, let the dogs out, and remembered that I had signed up to give food to the local shelter through my church, and ran off to Costco to buy the promised Granola bars. It wasn't until I entered the church (at 7pm) with my granola bars in hand, that I realized it was Tuesday and not Monday (darn those holidays) and that my donation was due at FIVE OCLOCK on TUESDAY. 2 hours late. I held in my expletives until after my body was physically out of the church, and headed home. No evening workout. I did however, get to the store and pick up some Race day supplies as well as a new water bottle holder for my bike.

No morning workout today, I've dropped my swims to three days a week. Tonight is both a bike and run (hopefully I can squeeze them in plus taking my dog to the vet) before the hawks game starts. If it wasn't for the fact that Tri date is fast approaching, I would just take today off completely. My whole body aches. I ache in places I didn't know existed. I hope it's just tired muscles and not that I am getting sick. THAT would be just my luck.- I'm not even kidding. I never get sick, except when it's time to go on vacation, time to get married, time for me to do anything else that is large and grandiose - that is when my body decides to get sick. The rest of the year, healthy as a horse.

I was reading TriMarni's blog today and she had a little blurb about pre-race fueling. It was actually quite ironic, because someone wished me good luck via my FB wall and told me to "carb up" the night before the race, and her advice was exactly the opposite. She suggested (which currently I am trying to do for the most part- with Memorial Day weekend this past weekend it wasnt the EASIEST thing to do) to eat as clean as you can the 2 weeks leading up to the race. No pop (oops, had a Diet Dr Pepper with lunch, darn and I thought I was doing so well) no processed foods, nothing fried, no booze, and I was surprised at this one, no sports drinks because they contain high fructose corn syrup. Which I had just introduced gatorade into my workout's because they have actually been helping to prevent the "oh shit" feeling. I think I may ignore her on that one.. I'm completing not competing and its not like im doing an iron man.

I also read a very interesting article in my Lifetime Fitness magzine about how toxic environments (be it work, school, home) deplete you of motivation to work out, because you only have so many of whatever type of chemical in your brain it is that helps you deal with toxic people... and those are the same chemicals in your brain that provide you with motivation (im really generalizing and summing it up here... but it is an actual peer reviewed study by some college... and if I had the motivation to get up and get it from my bedroom I would. I'll post the actual information later. The interesting part though is just how connected having shit days at work and wanting to go and work out are totally inter related.

As the day draws nearer, it just seems like there is always a road block in my way. Yesterday (and now today) its the damn vet. My husband informed me last night that the grass needs to be cut "sometime soon" I said, well, so then cut it. His reply, I work late by the time I get home its almost dark. Well too effing bad, I have a week and a half before my Tri the LAST thing I have time for is lawn work. I'm seriously considering just hiring someone to cut it. I'm glad that there is only a week- and a half-ish left until the tri, because my life can return to some semblance of normalcy and I wont spend all of my waking hours fretting about it, working out or just general obsessing over the tri and it will just be done, and I can just exercise for the sake of exercising without obsessing how my lack of energy or desire to workout on a day will affect my performance. But at the same time, those little panic goblins are roasting their smores over my fear bonfire, waiting for a weak moment to pounce into my conscious thought and tell me how terrible/slow/out of shape/ not good enough/ I am and why am I even thinking about attempting this.

I'll just be glad when tri day comes so they will just shut up.

Tri Marni, as well as Slow Fat Triathlete both say that I should be spending these days leading up to the Tri "banishing defeatist self thought, and only surrounding myself with positive mental images and postive thoughts... but how the heck do you do that when your whole head is filled with negative ones?

Til Tomorrow