Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Monday So Good To Me, Monday Monday It was All I hope it would be

Yes, I know. Way too early in the morning for the Mamas and the Papas. But, it IS Monday morning and well, it was apropos. I stayed true to my word and went swimming this morning. And, I have 2 things to say on this subject. 1. You have to really, and I mean really enjoy doing an activity to wake up at the crack of dawn to do it. Warm Bed, Cold Suit, even colder pool- does not a good morning make. Actually, back that up a second. Warm Bed, Cold Suit, Coldish outside, blaring techno music and bright lights when entering said gym, THEN cold pool.

However, the pool WAS definitely less crowded. I got in at the perfect time, just as the Masters Swimmers were getting out. I didn't think the Masters Swam in the morning either, at least that was what the front desk person had told me a month or so ago. But alas, they do. One upside to swimming with the Masters (Had there been any lanes left) they have some rockin music to swim to in the morning. (and it drowns out the blaring techno music from the rest of the facility)

The one downside I realized, as I was swimming this morning, is that a fairly empty pool makes for a very fast swim. Usually I'd be all like "Holla! I just did a 1600 in 40 minutes" but, its not a realistic 1600 when you look at it in terms of a triathlon. Training in the afternoon (NOT like Im saying I'm going back to that) does make for more realistic swims, considering I'll be swimming with oh I don't know at least thirty or so people in the same heat as me. This will make the water very choppy and not at all smooth like the morning swims are. Thus, slowing you down tremendously because you have to work harder for each stroke rotation.

But, I'm not going to concern myself with that. The swim is 750m I believe, I'm doing 1600m so even in choppy water I'm already swimming double than what will be expected come race day.

The only downside to swimming in the mornings- there may be space in the pool, but you have to wait for showers and counter space. Sigh- I guess its a give and take. I would rather have to wait for showers though than have to wait for a lap lane.

So we'll see how this goes.

Happy Monday Y'all