Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Months- Twenty Two Days... Begin Freakout

Ok- so, I noticed while I was doing some cleaning on the backend of my blog, that my countdown calendar now reads 2:22
two months, twenty two days. I really love double numbers (usually). When I see them, I always make a wish... but when I saw 2:22 the only wish I had was "God, I hope I make it!"

I think I might be getting sick. My throat is KILLING me. I really hope that it passes quickly and without antibiotics and that this doesnt morph into like strep throat. I have so much to do, to even start making a list of everything that needs to be done would send me into a panic. Over and Over again in my head- two twenty two, two twenty two, two twenty two.

I cant be sick. I need to be at the pool every day. I need to be running or biking every night. I will NOT make it if I don't start really buckling down. I finally found a bike. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday. I must say, I was very disappointed in the service at Performance Cycle. Unfortunately I'm sort of in between a rock and a hard place as far as having to patronize them- as there aren't many other bike specialty stores around me. I found them very very unhelpful though. We went in their on Saturday and I think I asked for help on at least three seperate occasions. Each time I got an "I"ll find someone to help you" then someone else would walk in and they would jump to help that person while my husband and I continued to meander the aisles looking at the different bikes. We ended up leaving after narrowing down my search to three separate bikes all in the mid three to four hundred range. I'm not spending more than that on a bike. I mean, some of the bikes in there are as much as a Ford Focus- but seriously I;m not in it to win it- I'm in it to just finish. Pretty sure I can do that on a cheap (er) bike. So, after narrowing down my three choices, we went to the bookstore and did our own research. I've decided to go with a GT. It's a Hybrid bike and felt really good while I was testing it out in the store. It was fairly comfortable and moderately affordable. Hopefully Mother Nature has given us our last piece of winter, so that I can start riding outside.
Once I have my bike, I think I'll feel better.

I spent the day with some friends who all ran the Shamrock Shuffle this morning. I got some training tips from them on how best to tackle the run leg- and after spending quite a long time talking with one of my friends who is a very seasoned Triathloner- I feel much much better about my lack of running. I may be under pace but at this point I'm only slightly under pace from what she said, and it appears that running is like swimming and biking when it comes to building endurance. I just need to keep plugging along.

Two Months 22 Days- in reality that is still thirteen weeks. A lot can change in thirteen weeks. I just have to hope that I don't get sick. I don't have any set backs and that I can really buckle in and get serious. With only 13 weeks left- I have no margin for slacking or lacsidaisical attitudes. I must stay the course or pay the consequence.

Quick Shout Out to all my Shamrock Shuffle girls- you guys rocked the house and I am SO dang proud of all of you! :)


Happy Week Peeps.