Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here Comes The Sun And I Say, It's Alright

I found another benefit for getting up early in the morning to exercise. I forgot how wonderful it is to watch the sun come up. Granted, I'm in the pool sweating my ass off as it's rising, but it is a phenomenal thing to experience, even if you do miss a bit of it because your head is under the water. Between the hypnotic slap, slap, slap of my hands as they enter the water, plus experiencing the rising of the sun in all its splendor, truly does allow for reflection. I truly enjoy having this blog. Even if sometimes I forget about it, to be able to record my thoughts and experiences, unedited, is very freeing. And, besides the small handful of people who I know that read my blog, to most, I am a total stranger. With the exception of knowing that my location is in the Chicagoland area, not much else is known about me. I really enjoy that. Being able to express my opinions without judgement.

I do so well at pushing myself in the pool, there, I can tell myself, I know you're tired, but you can do another 100. We'll take a break after this 50, ok, you seem to be going ok, we'll rest after the NEXT 50- keep going.... almost there... one more.. faster, harder, dont give up. And yet, with biking and running, running especially, I just can't seem to push myself the same way. Ok, I really should call it jogging- and I use that term loosely as well. Since it's walk two blocks run a block, walk two more, run another. I just can't seem to push myself past the block. I get to that block and my legs stop, no matter how much my brain tells my legs "just one more block" my legs say "eff off brain, I'm DONE" Perhaps that will change the more running I do. It's surprising to me how much your perception changes once you start driving. My "running" path is through the streets of my neighborhood. Its actually just down on long street to the stop sign and back again. Going once around, there and back is one mile. That flabbergasted me. When you're driving, you make it to that stop sign in no time flat, but yet when you are running (errr walking) it certainly takes way more time to arrive there. So, three laps and that is equal to what I will have to run for the Triathlon. I made it a lap and a half. So, one and a half miles. By now, I know I should be at least DOING three miles, even if it isn't running them... but I just don't know how else I can push myself like I can in the pool.

Alright I have more to write but it will have to wait until tonight :(